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LundaEkonomerna is the home and Student Union for all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management. We will make sure that you have the best time ever in Lund!

The main purpose of LundaEkonomerna is to continously monitor the quality of the education at LUSEM. However, there is way more to LundaEkonomerna than our fundamental function. We stand on three pillars – education, career and social, which means that we have something to offer for everyone. Within these pillars we have 29 committees and projects that arrange different types of events & projects for all members of LundaEkonomerna.

Our 300 active members in LundaEkonomerna all work together to improve the education at LUSEM, the future careers of our members, and the social life of students. Therefore, LundaEkonomerna is the perfect place to expand your network. Check out our available positions if you want to get involved!

We are located in the little yellow house Skånis, surrounded by the Holger Crafoord Centre. If you have any questions there is people from the Board available to answer them. Or if you want to eat your lunchbox or just hang our – feel free to come by, we welcome you with open arms!


We Are Members of Studentlund

Studentlund is the whole Student life gathered in one membership. Studentlund consists of the nations, the Academic Society and the student unions.
When you become a member of Studentlund you get access to a social community and cultural events. You also get the opportunity to influence your education, establish contacts with the labor market, access housing queues and more.
One membership - the entire student life.

A membership in Studentlund gives a student at LUSEM an automatic membership in LundaEkonomerna.

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Each year over 300 students work togheter in our 28 Committees and Projects. Active members work together to
arrange all activities, career fairs, festivity & represents the students towards the school.


Diverse student body


Something for Everyone


Lots of Opportunities


Emelie Malmquist

“I applied for the position as graphic designer mainly because I wanted to do more besides studying. Marketing is something that I have always had a big interest for and therefore the Marketing Group was the perfect way for me to become active within the Student Union and use my creative side. The past months in the Marketing Group has brought me lots of new experiences, knowledge and some of my closest friends in this town.”

– Graphic Designer, the Marketing Group, 2015

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Want to read the latest news, fun facts or find out who've the General Council chosen to new leadership positions? Don't forget to read the News section! We, and the other active members of LundaEkonomerna, will keep you updated there with necessary and interesting information.

Love, the Board

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