The Board

The highest executive body of LundaEkonomerna.

What we do

The work of a Board Member is multidimensional.

The Board is the highest operating body of LundaEkonomerna. It’s the Boards’ task to make sure that the business runs smoothly. There are 6 full-time workers within the Board – the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Corporate Relations Manager and the Communications Manager. These work at Skånis from 9am to 5pm every weekday. There are also 4 half-time workers in the Board – the Social Affairs Manager, the Corporate Sales Manager, the Educational Affairs Manager and the International Affairs Manager.

These ten people takes strategic decisions regarding LundaEkonomerna’s operative work. They also write policies, proposals for the General Council and see to it so the Union’s operation works as smooth as possible. The operative work is a big part of the Boards work. The different Board Members have different areas of the Union’s work as their main focus. Together they make up a management team as well as a Board.


How can you influence the Board’s work?

The easiest way is to come in to Skånis and talk to one of us. You are more than welcome to contact one of the Board Members by phone or email. To influence how LundaEkonomerna works on a higher level, you can write a motion to the General Council, LundaEkonomerna’s highest decision-making body.

Who should you get in touch with?

Depending on what you need help with, it's easier to contact the right person.

Adam Åberg, President – Can help you with all student matters, the General Council and student democracy.

Jakob Bratthall Tideman, Vice President – Can help you with educational surveillance and student issues.

Rebecka Olin, Treasurer – Can help you with payment questions and financial questions.

Emil Jakobsson, Corporate Relations Manager – Can help you with career questions and contacting companies.

Henrik Gustafson, Communications Manager – Can help you with marketing questions and membership questions.

Karin Funegård, Internal Relations Manager – Can help you with recruitment questions and support for Project Leaders.

Evelina Delsing – Can help you with event questions and questions about our alcohol culture.

Filip Göthe – Can help you with career questions and contacting companies.

Sandra Skilberg – Can help you with student issues and student welfare.

Steve Strey – Can help you with international questions and student welfare.

A message from our President

Adam Åberg is the President of LundaEkonomerna Student Union.

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We at LundaEkonomerna are here to help you, guide you and support you throughout your student life to make sure you get the most out of your student experience. Our main purpose is to ensure the quality of education for all students at LUSEM, which is possible thanks to our close collaboration with the school. To make sure you get the most out of your student experience outside of school we offer a huge range of activities in our three different legs – Career, Social and Education.

There is everything from career fairs for finding your future dream employer to the possibility to arrange parties and festivities for hundreds of people. To be engaged or take part in LundaEkonomerna’s arranged activities is something that you will never forget and something I really urge you to do during your student life. Many students join us with little or no experience and leave as project leaders, event planners and marketers with friends for a lifetime.

Board Members

Don't hesitate to contact any of our ten Board Members.

Adam Åberg


Jakob Bratthall Tideman
Vice President


Rebecka Olin


Emil Jakobsson
Corporate Relations Manager


Henrik Gustafson
Communications Manager


Karin Funegård
Internal Relations Manager


Evelina Delsing
Social Affairs Manager


Filip Göthe
Corporate Sales Manager


Sandra Skilberg
Educational Affairs Manager