Carnival X

Every 4th year and this year it's finally time. This is something you don't want to miss.


"Carnival X wants to take the students on a memorable trip that will offer everything from craazy activities to lovely "Lundasittningar". It will be an awesome adventure filled with color, love and joy. We promise!"

What is the Carnival X?
Lundakarnevalen takes place every 4th year. Lund turns into a big festival in between 18th and 20th of May, and of course we want you to be a part of it. We are a project group of four people and our goal is to create something where all students of LUSEM gets the chance to come together during the Carnival year. We will represent LundaEkonomerna initiatives during Carnival.

If you want to work with us, do not hesitate to contact our staff coordinator by email or the telephone number you find below. 

What Is Lundakarnevalen?
During Carnival Days, Lundagård turns into a huge carnival area with tents, tombola booths, entertainment shows, radio broadcasts, artists and of course food and drink. There is also a carnival train, that passes through the streets of Lund which spreads carnival joy to all the 400,000 visitors. The first Lundakarneval was arranged in 1849 and now, 2018, it’s time once again to fill Lund with joy and happiness. The theme this year is “imaginalkarneval”!

The Events Coordinator Role
As an Events Coordinator you will be in charge of all the events and the other happenings during this spring. The first event is the inauguration of the new songbook and everything from contacting chefs, who can make the food, to the entertainment during the night is now in the hands of the event coordinators. Make sure to follow us, so you never miss a party!

The Markering And Staff Coordinator Role
The role as a Marketing Coordinator means marketing all happenings and events associated with Carnival X. Updates on Instagram, Facebook and the Lundaekonomerna website are the different channels the committee communicate via. Together with The Marketing Group, who helps us with the posters, we make sure all LUSEM students are well updated with the latest news. Just follow us on Instagram, so you don’t miss anything! Instagram: Carnivalx.le

Since there’s only four of us we will need a lot of amazing staffers to help us on our journey towards the carnival. As a Staff Coordinator you’re in charge of getting staffers and make sure they’re having super fun when they work (which is guaranteed).

Song Book X

It's time to sing

Our beloved song book has gotten a fresh make over, and it’s time to inaugurate it. This is a sittning in Gasque where we will serve a three-course dinner with an unforgettable follow-up party. During the whole night you will sing your lungs out and have a memorable night with new and old friends. The tickets will be released in February. They will sell out quick so make sure you follow us on our social medias, so you know exactly when the release is.

What?: Song Book X
Whom?: All LUSEM-students
Where?: Gasque, Kårhuset LTH
Follow-up party?: T-bar
Dresscode: dark suit/cocktail attire


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

Dear Lundaekonomer, hereby Carnival X invites you to song book X, a once in a lifetime event.


Pre-carnival event

Do you also want to kick-start the carnival 2018?

Welcome all LUSEM-students to the start of the Carnival days 2018. On the 17th of May you will unite with all your friends at Ekonomihögskolan to celebrate life. We believe that starting the Carnival together with friends, laughter and some pretty awesome music is the key to a fantastic carnival weekend. This is going to be a party that people will talk about for decades. Popcorn, dancing, cotton candy and a true carnival spirit.

Who can take part?
Informatics Students at LUSEM
Business Students at LUSEM
Economic History Students at LUSEM
Statistics Students at LUSEM
Master Students at LUSEM
Exchange Students at LUSEM
LundaEkonomernas Alumni

YES! Everyone can join! If you are studying at LUSEM and it says LundaEkonmerna on you Studentkort (Student Card) you are more than welcome to join!



Sandro Cavazza
We are proud to present on stage Sandro Cavazza! He will be blessing us with his amazing voice and songs. This will truly be a magical evening.

How to stay updated?
Instagram and Facebook event!

Ticket Release
On the 4th of April, so keep yourself updated and don’t forget to attend the facebook event so you don’t miss any notices.

Do you want to staff?
As a staffer at this event, you will not only have super fun and …- No, so much more, go in and read more about it in the tab “Staff” and apply, apply, APPLY!!

Are you part of LundaEkonomernas Alumni Network? Keep your eyes open! The Alumni Project will post more information regarding your ticket release.

What?: Skånisburst
Whom?: All LUSEM-students
Where?: Skånis
Price?: 280 SEK
Dresscode: Festival

Staff for us at Skånisburst

Do you also want to get the Carnival spirit?

Why staff?
Except all the fun time we will have at Skånisburst, we will also create an unforgettable carnival-weekend together. Dinners, activities and festivities both in Lundagård and at Skånis. We will have an awesome time together during the carnival-weekend (18-20th of May). Yes you read that right, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just apply!! Okay?!

Staff for us at Skånisburst
Since there’s only four of us we will need a lot of amazing staffers to help us on our journey towards Skånisburst. Everything from building tents, decorating, working in the bar and turning Skånis into a magical place.

Are you interested in staffing for Carnival X at Skånisburst?
On the 4th of April a link for staff-application will be published at 12 o’clock. Apply and then wait for more information from staff coordinator Ebba. Everyone that applies will get an interview, so don’t hesitate, just apply!  We can guarantee you that it will be awesome, and you will meet a lot of amazing new people. The staff link will close on the 20th of April, so make sure to sign up in time.

Application Process
When the application is open you will have to fill in some personal details and a short motivational letter. Everyone that applies will be called in for a short interview for us to get to know you better. To make sure that no one misses out on this event, all applicants that don’t become staffers will be offered to purchase tickets to Skånisburst

Apply to staff at SKÅNISBURST


A word from our Project Leader

Marcus Morey has been a part of LundaEkonomerna for four years and has experienced everything from being a Novice to Staffer to Board Member and now currently the Project Leader for Carnival X. This years Carnival X will be above and beyond!

See available positions

Who is Marcus Morey?
I am a born and raised in Munich, Germany and current Project Leader of Carnival X 2018. My journey in LundaEkonomerna started as a Fadder HT14. Short thereafter I was recruited to Corporate Challenge as Head of Sponsoring and Logistics. My journey continued in the eeedays2016 as Head of Finance and Transportation. After the eeedays I felt that my schedule became very empty an felt that the Board would be a next step in my journey. During the second half of the year as the Treasurer 2016/2018 I could not stop thinking about my next goal and took the opportunity to become this once in a lifetime chance to become the Project Leader for Carnival X. LundaEkonomerna has given me extremely much and would like to give back to the union by delivering the most spectacular social events LundaEkonomerna ever has seen.

What about the Carnival X?
Carnival X is a committee that only exists once every four years, where the main goal is to create events for all members of LundaEkonomerna. During this Carnival year we will be preparing you for LundaKarnevalen 2018 with information and a series events. My personal main goal is to make sure that every LundaEkonom studying at LUSEM is aware and gets the chance to attend our events to celebrate this fantastic Carnival Year!

How can I get engaged with Carnival X?
There are many ways you can get engaged Carnival X. In April we will recruit our Staffers for Carnival X. Here you will have the opportunity to work with us to host our major event with our guest artist Sandro Cavazza. This is a great way to get involved in the union and get an insight in LundaEkonomerna. Your Journey Starts Here!

If you have any questions or want further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep your eyes open … we will guarantee you the most spectacular events the coming year!

Project Members

This amazing group of people are the ones making LundaEkonomernas Carnival X come true!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Marcus Morey
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 (0) 73 756 12 01

Ebba Giolitti
Marketing and Staff Coordinator

+46 (0) 70 942 29 07

Emma Klofsten
Events Coordinator

+46 (0) 76 846 30 80

Joel Järlesäter
Events Coordinator

+46 (0) 73 442 72 43