Case Academy

Providing selected students with fundamental case-solving skills.


"We focus on quality case solving, the continuity in learning and the recognizable results
- this is what makes our concept truly unique!"

Are you a masters student? Do you want to learn more about how to solve cases in a thriving environment together with other high achieving students? Then – Case Academy is something for you!

What is Case Academy?

Case Academy provides case-training for selected students for several occasions during the fall semester. The purpose of the committee is to educate students in solving realistic and challenging business cases with different approaches, which will give the participants great insights into the art of case-solving. Case Academy will give you the opportunity to reach the high end of your education and sharpen your case-solving skills in a relaxed and educative environment.

Why should you apply?

The idea of Case Academy is to fill the gap between the education provided by the University and educate ambitious students in case-solving. Since case-solving today is a very big part of many job interviews, this is a perfect chance for you to take your case-solving skills to another level. At the same time, you will work side by side with other high achieving students, and therefore expand your network.





                “Do not miss out on the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to land  your dream job in the  future!”





"Are you a master student who wants to improve your case solving skills?

What is expected from me as a participant? 

From the beginning of October to December Case Academy will hold various events. All that is expected from you is to participate.


Do I need any former knowledge? 

Since Case Academy is an educational project you do not need any former knowledge, meaning even thought you are a beginner or if you want to deepen your skills in case solving – you should apply.


If you have any questions regarding the events, the participation or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us:



The application for Case Academy 2017 has closed! 

But keep your eyes open for next year’s application.

A word from our project leader

Fanny Lundquist is the current project leader of Case Academy and here are some of her thoughts regarding the project.

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“One of the reasons to why I decided to move to Lund was because of the possibilities of getting engaged in the active student life. Last year, I became an active member within this very committee and today am the project leader – and that is a decision I could not be any happier with!

Why should you apply to Case Academy?

I would recommend every master’s student who feels like they have always wanted to learn (or improve) their case solving skills to apply for Case Academy 2017. Today, case-solving is a big part of many job interviews, which makes this a perfect chance for you to take your case-solving skills to the next level. Together with the fact that you get to meet other driven student as well as networking with your potential future employer makes this the best possible event for you to boost your career!

Unfortunately, the application for Case Academy 2017 has closed! But if you are interested in applying next year, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the project! So if you want to sharpen your case-solving skills, work in a thriving environment and network with other ambitious master students? Then – Case Academy would perfect for you!


Committee members

Feel free to contact the committee members if you have any questions.

Fanny Lundquist
Project Leader - Collegial


Phatra Sedtanaranon
Event Coordinator


Filippa Lundqvist
Marketing Coordinator