Education Committee

Standing up for your rights as a student.


"The Education Committee works with the core activity of LundaEkonomerna: surveillance of the education. Our mission is to educate, inform and improve all aspects of your education."

The Education Committee is the committee that represents the students at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM). The purpose of the Committee is to act as a bridge between all students and the school to make sure students have an impact on their education. There are 19 driven students in the committee and our mission is to educate, inform and improve all aspects of the education.

The committee consists of representatives for the Bachelor program, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Informatics, Business Law, Economic History, International Bachelor Program and International & Master. Each representative has a seat at the board of the department they represent and there they get the opportunity to discuss the perspectives of the students regarding the education. After these board meetings are held key elements of the discussions are brought up at the Education Committee’s own meetings. The purpose of the representatives is to ensure that students are a part of all important decisions that are made about their education.

Structure of the Committee

The Education Committee is working with many different things, and our members therefore have a coordinator position as well as their representative position, which makes it possible for us to function properly.

Student Relations Coordinators

Herman Kuntscher, Tove Ljungberg, Céline Pattyranie, Samer Abdulreda

Four members of the committee handle all student relations as well as our Student Agents. In order to be a successful link between the students and LUSEM, the committee needs to know the student’s opinions on their education. Therefore, we have Student Agents in every class who continuously comes with feedback on the courses to the committee and the institution at meetings that the Student Relations Coordinators have. At the end of the semester, the coordinators arrange a sittning for the Student Agents, as a thank you for their work to improve the surveillance of the education.

If you want to be a Student Agent or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Data Coordinators

Fabian Gutjahr, Elin Stakeberg

Our Data Coordinators have very important tasks. In order for the committee to work with educational surveillance, we need to create ways to gather, process and analyze the data with opinions and issues. Our two Data Coordinators are therefore in charge of creating the survey for our big event Speak Up Days, as well as creating other surveys for other events. After the data has been gathered they will start processing it and analyzing it, making it easier for the committee as a whole to present the students’ opinions to the institutions at LUSEM.

Corporate Relations Coordinators

Emma Lundblad, Nicole Engberg

The main task of these coordinators is to gather sponsoring for our events. They get to develop their skills in contacting companies and promoting the union. They are both in charge of getting prizes for our competitions, fika for our events, goodie bags for events, etc. They work closely together with the different event coordinators to make sure that we always can provide good sponsoring at our events.

Communication and Marketing Coordinators

Johanna Marcusson, Hanna Hultemark, Linnea Lundmark

Our Communication Coordinator is responsible of making sure that the students of LUSEM get the right image of the committee. This is done through social media, like Instagram and Facebook, but also on our website and face2face. Working closely with the Marketing Coordinators, whose main job is to contribute with marketing material, we are able to market ourselves continuously to the students of LUSEM.

Event Coordinators

Ebba Pettersson, Emma Warnerman

These coordinators’ biggest responsibility is to make sure that Speak Up Days will happen. By keep close contact with the other coordinators, we will get a great event with a great survey, spons and activities. Responsibilities also include booking rooms, dates, furniture, TVs, tables etc. so that the event is complete.
If other events are to happen, these coordinators will help making sure it happens.

Activity Coordinator

Olivia Hill

This coordinator will make sure that our events are fun. In order to have a great event you need some activities, and this coordinator will always make sure that the events are more than just a mingle. Whenever there is a competition, game or entertainment, this is thanks to the Activity Coordinator.

Lecture Coordinator

Jana Lange

The Lecture Coordinator is in charge of finding out what kind of lectures the students want that will contribute to their education. Then, with the help of the other coordinators, the job includes being the contact person of the speaker as well as making sure that the lecture gets marketed in the right way.

Study Nights Coordinators

Amanda Magnusson, Viktor Bergström

Our weekly mini event needs to be run by someone. Our two Study Nights Coordinators will always make sure that this happening is special every time. We will introduce themes for the nights, making it more fun to come study with the Education Committee. The position also includes evaluating how the events.


Our Mission & Events



Gather student opinions

The Education Committee makes several efforts to ensure the opinions of the students at LUSEM are presented to the university. The primary sources of feedback are our Speak Up Days, where students are encouraged to speak up and give feedback about their education. Other sources include feedback from representatives from each course, the so called student agents. All student agents are volunteers selected in the beginning of each semester and the purpose is to keep close contact with the committee to ensure that issues from each course are followed up. If you would like to become an agent, or know someone who would be a good student agent, please contact us. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this page. Moreover, the Education Committee welcomes continuous feedback from students. This can be done in person through talking to one of the Education Committee members or by sending an email to

Representation at department and board meetings

Whenever a department or a board holds a meeting, the Education Committee sends its representative to join the meeting, raise previously agreed upon issues and report back to the Education Committee. The purpose of the student representative is to ensure that the students’ opinions are heard and taken into account when decisions concerning our education are made.


If you have ANY issues regarding your education, fill in the form through LundaEkonomernas webpage and we will handle it. Only the project leaders, who both have positions of trust, will have access to the issues, meaning that your issue will be handled with secrecy. We will only share the information with our representatives if you feel comfortable with this. Always feel free to speak with Isak, Project Leader or someone else in the committee. We are always on your side!

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Speak Up Days

Speak Up Days is the Education Committee’s biggest event. We will be standing all over the school trying to gather as many answers as possible on our survey, while at the same time encouraging the students of LUSEM to Speak Up.

This year, we will have a pre-event on the 20th of November, where we will announce some competitions and present the themes for the actual Speak Up Days.

The actual Speak Up Days will be held on the 27th, 28th of November, and 4th of December. We will have competitions and activities during the days, as well as inspirational lectures. You will get access to all these fun things if you have answered the survey!

During the fall semester we work hard on creating the survey so that it can give us a good image of what the students of LUSEM think of their education. After the event, we gather all the data, process it, and analyze it. It will later be summarized into reports that will be shared with the departments of the faculty.


Study Nights

Every Thursday between 17:00 and 19:00 we will have our weekly event Study Nights. It will always be held in Café Holger in EC3, and we will be joined by teachers from the Informatics department that can help you. Of course, there will always be fika too. Every other week there will be a themed Study Night that will allow you to get a nice study break.

During the last few years...

The Education Committee works continuously to support students with different issues related to their education. Here, we list three examples of general and specific issues that we have had an impact on:

- We have, on multiple occasions, been able to move dates for exams when problems with the schedule, for instance, have occurred.
- We were able to grant access for students to the LUSEM facilities around the clock, seven days a week, during the spring and fall semester of 2016.
- We were able to change the procedure for those students at the Bachelor’s program, so that the requirements of applying at for each semester were replaced with a simple confirmation of participating at liveatlund.

Student Rights at Lund University

Lund University has a list of student rights that all personel working at Lund University needs to follow, including teachers, people working with administration and other staff members. These rights are attached below.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How long do I have to wait for the result for on an exam?
Answer: According to the List of Rights page 7, grades on examinations shall be published at the latest 15 working days after the examination, and no later than two weeks before the re-sit.

Question: What do I do if I am displeased with a group member in a school project?
Answer: Talk to the person responsible for the course as soon as possible, the sooner you react the better the chances to handle the issue. In scenarios where the member does not take the critique seriously, the member can actually risk to be rejected from the group.

Question: When should I receive the schedule for the courses that I will take the upcoming semester?
Answer: According to the List of Rights page 5, you have the right to receive the schedule for the whole semester at least one month before the courses starts

Question: I am not pleased with the course, how can I report this?
Answer: According to the List of Rights page 8, the school need to provide a course evaluation for all students participating in the course. This needs to be carried out in a way that encourages the students to answer the evaluation.

Otherwise, if the course is not at all satisfying, you can always turn to 1) the course responsible at your department or 2) to us in the education committee and we will try to help you the best way possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us

List of rights

As a student at Lund University you have different rights. This is gathered in a document signed by the Vice-Chancellor, that applies to all programmes and courses at the University. This list of rights contains:

• Study environment
• Registration of course participation and exam results
• Course planning and timetabling
• Compulsory course components
• Examination
• Degree projects
• Course evaluation
• Responsibility

Rättighetslistan-1  List of rights-1


We Want to Help You!

If you have any further questions about the Education Committee or if you feel that there is anything in your education that you think needs to change, or is particularly good, please do not hesitate to contact us through the webform or through email.

If you have any questions regarding our events, please contact the responsible project leaders.

Best regards,
The Education Committe – On Your Side!

A word from our Project Leaders

Molly and Samuel are the project leaders of the Education Committee. Together with the 17 representatives they keep a close relation with the students and act as the linking body between them and the University.

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Why Education Committee?

We are proud of the fact that our committee have members that all strive for a better education. We work closely together and use the input from all students of LUSEM to communicate with teachers, professors and the institutions’ boards. With this close relationship that has been built throughout the years, most of the problems that a student will face, can easily be solved. Our aim is to continuously strengthen the relationship between the school and the students.

Our positions are extremely educational and interesting, and we both believe in having an easy going approach, in order to achieve a fun yet serious atmosphere with consistently high motivation.


What can the Education Committee do for you?

Our representatives are here to represent you as a student in all the different departments at the faculty. The Education committee is LundaEkonomerna’s biggest committee with 19 truly talented individuals who all do everything in their power to improve your education here at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Please, do not hesitate to contact any of us with your questions regarding your education, or, you can of course apply to join this amazing committee!



You can always come talk to us regarding questions or anything about your education. We are here for you!

Molly Backman
Project Leader


Samuel Trönndal
Vice Project Leader


Johanna Marcusson
Head Representative Business Law


Ebba Pettersson
Head Representative Business Administration


Hanna Hultemark
Representative Business Administration


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Representative Business Administration

Elin Stakeberg
Head Represenative International Business


Céline Pattyranie
Representative International Business


Herman Kuntscher
Head Representative Statistics


Amanda Magnusson
Head Representative Economics


Linnea Lundmark
Representative Economics


Emma Warnerman
Head Representative Bachelor Programme


Emma Lundblad
Representative Bachelor Programme


Tove Ljungberg
Representative Bachelor Programme


Fabian Gutjahr
Head Representative International & Master


Jana Lange
Representative International & Master


Olivia Hill
Head Representative Economic History


Nicole Engberg
Head Representative Informatics


Samer Abdulreda
Representative Informatics