Entrepreneurship Committee

Innovation, entrepreneurship and new thinking to the students.


"Our mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity within LundaEkonomerna. The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to support aspiring student entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, or any business-minded student by providing a wealth of opportunities to connect with others who share similar interest and goals. Through both learning and social events, the committee aims to provide access to startup knowledge, experience, as well as a wide network of people and businesses."

What we do

The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to manage and organise a number of exciting events throughout the school year – think pitching workshops, lunch lectures and much more. We work closely with the other committees within LundaEkonomerna, external companies and corporate sponsors, and look forward to possibly even reaching out to other entrepreneurial committees in other universities here in Sweden in order to expand our entrepreneurial network.

If you have any event requests or interesting ideas for us, we would love to hear from you! Contact emails for each of our members are below, feel free to shoot us a note even if it’s just to say hi or to inquire about our upcoming events!


New to entrepreneurship?

Congratulations! This could be the beginning of an exciting new path. Don’t worry, participation in any of our exciting events does not require any entrepreneurial experience – an open mind and a curious interest for the world of business, startups and new ventures is all you need to get the most out of our events.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming events!

Do you have any questions or need help?

Our team members have a serious passion for all that entrepreneurship and innovation entails. All of us have experiences from different areas of studies as well as bringing forth a wide array of skills and knowledge and would be delighted to help in any way- whether it be in need of study or career guidance or an intriguing question you may be wondering about regarding entrepreneurship.

Interview with the project leader

A word from the Entrepreneurship Committee's project leader, Olivia von Sydow.

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Entrepreneurship Committee: Who are we?

The Entrepreneurship Committee serves as an essential platform for students, providing the opportunity to nurture, showcase and get involved with others who share similar interests in entrepreneurship, business and innovation through a number of social and educational efforts and events.

As a key objective of the committee’s efforts, we strive to give entrepreneurship a well-deserved and highlighted focus amongst the students and to continually foster a unified entrepreneurial atmosphere where wider networks are built between students, academia, and the exciting world of startups and businesses that surrounds us.

What is in the plans?

Throughout the year and over the course of the two terms, we are planning a range of exciting events that will be open to all LundaEkonomerna students. The key focus is to give you all the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, innovation and new business ventures through a wide array of fun events. It is through such events that you will be able to share your interest, experiences, knowledge, as well as gain connections from both other students as well as companies that you will be able to add to your ever-growing network.

The team

You are welcome to contact the members if you have any questions.

Mohammed Ali Hafi
Corporate Relations Coordinator



Aljona Yermakova
Events Coordinator



Shenny Ploughmann
Marketing Coordinator