Entrepreneurship Committee

Innovation, entrepreneurship and new thinking to the students.


"Our mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity within LundaEkonomerna. The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to support aspiring student entrepreneurs, rookies to professionals, providing access to startup knowledge and experience, as well as a network of people with simliar interest and goals"

The Entrepreneurship Committee organises and manages a set of events including our pitching competition and flagship event “Dragon’s Den”. In order to achieve this the committee works closely with other LundaEkonomerna, external companies and other departments within the University, such as the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Startup Camp is the final stage for the participants of the Workshop Series, which combines the participating entrepreneurs with graphic designers and web develoeprs. Across a weekend the teams create a working prototype of their business idea in just 48 hours. At the end of the weekend, the teams of entrepreneurs, designers and developers pitch their business to a panel of real angel investors and the winning team receives a cash prize.

The Entrepreneurship Think Tank sessions are a valuable peer-to-peer learning experience, where each session is comprised of a combination of two components: a presentation (similar to a TED talk) and a group discussion (similar to a book club). Participants take it in turns (one presentation per meeting) to present to fellow students and successful entrepreneurs/business owners on a specific aspect of business, entrepreneurship or money making that they have found to be perspective changing; something that has been one of the biggest learning points they have ever had. After the presentation, the presenter joins the group to further discuss the information that was presented. In this discussion time, students and entrepreneurs share their own experiences and dive deeper into their understanding of the material presented. Every individual develops and learns from the combined knowledge and expeirnce of the group, greatly improving their chances of success and providing invaluable networking opportunities.

In addition to the three main projects to the right, the Entrepreneurship Committee also runs events throughout the year to encourage entrepreneurial activity and networking across the university. An example of such events is the Entreprenerus and Engineers Mingle, which takes place each year to bring together students with business knowledge and students with technical knowledge to facilitate the creation of multidisciplinary startups.

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Jonas Tayli
President - Collegial