Entrepreneurship Committee

Innovation, entrepreneurship and new thinking to the students.


"Our mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity within LundaEkonomerna. The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to support aspiring student entrepreneurs, rookies to professionals, providing access to startup knowledge and experience, as well as a network of people with similar interest and goals"

What we do
Last year  The Entrepreneurship Committee managed and organised several events, including our pitching competition and flagship event “Dragon’s Den”.

We ensure you that we only do high quality work. To achieve this we focus on just a couple of events during the year. This allow us to maintain a high standard.

The committee works closely with other committees in LundaEkonomerna, external companies and this year we will reach out to other entrepreneurial committees on several others universities here in Sweden to elaborate our network and knowledge.

If you have any requests we are happy to hear from you. You can e-mail any of us on the addresses below.


Are you new to entrepreneurship?
Congrats! This could be the beginning of a new path. To participate in our events you don’t need any experience in entrepreneurship. We’ll have our first lunch lecture soon, keep your eyes open for more details!

Are you in the right place if you already are an entrepreneur?
Yes, we think so! We think that the beginners will find interest in the object, while the more experienced will be able to learn key points to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Do you have any questions or need help?
We are a team of six member who have a great passion for entrepreneurship. All of us have experience from different areas, and we would be glad to help if you need guidance or have any questions.

Interview with the former Project Leader

Read some words from the former Entrepreneurship Committee's Project Leader, Jonas Tayli.

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What drives you as an entrepreneur?
The desire to want to change the world for the better.
Why do you consider the existence of the Entrepreneurship Committee to be important?
When it comes down to choosing a career I sincerely believe in freedom of choice. Everyone doesn’t want to work at a bank or auditing firm just like everyone doesn’t want to become artists. If we can show the students of LundaEkonomerna that creating your own job can be both fun and rewarding I’d say we’ve succeeded.
What advice would you give to someone who recently developed an interest for entrepreneurship?
Just do it! If you want and truly believe in something, go get it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Stay hungry and learn from your and other’s mistakes. There are no short cuts however don’t waste time. You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and if you’re not being told ‘no’ constantly, you’re not pushing hard enough. Last but not least: welcome to any of our events!


The team

You are welcome to contact the members if you have any questions.

Magnus Wallin
Project Leader - Collegial



Fredrik Lund
Vice Project Leader


Amar Delic
Corporate Relations Coordinator


Amanda Jarnevall
Events Coordinator


Madeleine Lindblad
Events Coordinator


Agata Anna Gornik
Marketing Coordinator