LE Band

Brings sweet music to all members of the Union!


For the last two years we have been working tirelessly to become the best house band in Lund! And we like to think that we are pretty close to our goal!

We are the official House Band of LundaEkonomerna, let us entertain you! No matter if it is a ball, party or a smaller mingle, arranged by LundaEkonomerna or not, we are ready to be there and take your event to the next level!


From previous experiences the best parties are the ones with live music and our objective is to make sure LundaEkonomernas parties continues being the best Lund has to offer!

A word from the Project Leader

Meet Malin Norrby - Project Leader and singer in LE Band.

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”I truly believe that LundaEkonomernas union has something for everyone. If your favorite thing is football or maybe it is civil rights, there is a committee suited for you. Music has always been a huge part of my life and to be able to combine being a student and a singer in a band is a dream come true. Performing in front of all you wonderful LundaEkonomer is always a great pleasure, both for me and the rest of the band, and to know that it improves your night at the same time is the greatest feeling. So, if there is an entertainer inside of you I urge you to apply for the LE Band. You won’t regret it.”  – Malin Norrby – Project Leader







project members

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Malin Norrby
Project Leader, Song



Erik Steen



Benjamin Brunegård
Guitar & song



Fredrik Ekbom



John Nordberg



Frederik Söndegaard