Lund European Business Tour

The Lund European Business Tour is an annual trip in November, where 40 qualified and ambitious students enjoy the opportunity to interact with top employers across chosen cities in Europe.


"The LEBT focuses on connecting Lund University’s highest-achieving students with Europe’s most attractive and internationally operating employers."

In November, 40 selected students from Lund School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) will head on a one-week journey through Europe to meet world-class companies at their offices in some of Europe’s most interesting cities. It is an amazing opportunity for both students and companies to interact and to establish first-hand contacts.

The LEBT committee is working hard on finding some of the most distinguished companies to visit for this year’s tour. The companies chosen range in size from start-ups to some of the biggest in the world, but are all picked on the basis of being the best places to work in.



By participating in the Lund European Business Tour, you not only get a chance to talk to these potential employers face-to-face and to explore what career opportunities Europe has to offer, but also get to visit a few incredible cities on the way. Whether you are interested in a career abroad, or just want to visit inspiring companies, it will be an amazing tour that you do not want to miss.

This year’s tour will take place from the 20th to the 24th of November 2017. Save the dates!


The LEBT 2016

The LEBT 2016 visited international companies in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

The Lund European Business Tour (LEBT) 2016 took place between the 27th of November to the 3rd of December 2016. The 40 participants visited seven outstanding and international companies in Berlin, Amsterdam and London. These companies included Facebook, AlphaSights, Tesla, Bloomberg, FactSet, Zalando and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.


Prior to the European tour, a boost day with all participating students of the Lund European Business Tour 2016 was arranged. The purpose of the day was to prepare all participants for the tour with informal mingles, games as well as inspirational seminars and to visit Valcon Consulting in Copenhagen.

A word of this year's project leader

Annika Luginsland is a master student from Germany and shares her thoughts on the LEBT 2017.

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“Organizing the LEBT 2017 is an incredibly fun and rewarding project. As a one-week business trip during which 40 students get the opportunity to meet with international operating employers in various cities in Europe, the LEBT provides many distinct and interesting challenges for all seven committee members. Whether the responsibilities include the arrangement of the company visits, the coordination of the transportation and accommodation, the promotion of the trip, the selection of students and the planning of social events or the overall project management, we gain a lot of new experiences along the way.

Being a very diverse committee with students from different study backgrounds and countries, we are currently working on creating an exciting and valuable trip for everyone – both participating companies and students. We want to ensure that the LEBT 2017 appeals to everyone at LUSEM by including internationally established companies from all types of industry as well as non-governmental organizations.  I am fully confident that the tour we envision will be fun and rewarding for everyone involved and one that will result in employment opportunities and in a unique experience.

I can very much encourage you to join us on this tour, and look forward to seeing you at the end of November!”


Committee members

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us:

Annika Luginsland
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 76 146 35 37

Lukas Kettemer
Corporate Relations Coordinator

Erik Johnsson
Corporate Relations Coordinator

Lena Reibstein
Logistics Coordinator

Alfred Romero Molina
Student Relations Coordinator

Lisa Appelqvist
Student Relations Coordinator

Nicolina Hintze
Marketing and Sponsorship coordinator