Lund Economics Stockholm Tour

This is LEST - the best way to meet your future employer!


Lund Economics Stockholm Tour gives you the perfect opportunity to personally meet potential employers in the field of economics.

About LEST

Since 2013, the Lund Economics Stockholm Tour is one of the most exciting projects within LundaEkonomerna. If you are interested in a career in economics, this three day trip to Stockholm is the perfect opportunity to kick-start it! We will visit renowned companies and organisations that will introduce you to exciting career opportunities. You will get the chance to talk to decision-makers of, maybe your future employer, and bridge the gap between your academic and future professional life!

What can you expect?

As a student of Lund University School of Economics and Management you are welcomed to the Stockholm offices of some of the most exciting companies and organisations in Sweden. The companies will present themselves and potential positions they offer. Afterwards, you will not only get the opportunity to ask questions and to network, but you will also get the unique chance to show them your skills during cases and workshops.

Some company visits will be held in Swedish.


Dates of the trip?         Will soon be announced!

What is included?
Transportation roundtrip Lund – Stockholm
– 3 nights of accommodation
– Transportation within Stockholm
– Most of the food and beverages

Own contribution?       950 SEK


A word from the  Project Leader…

Who is Hedvig Astberg?

I am a driven and goal oriented person who loves socialising and meeting new people. Project management is also a passion of mine as I love seeing projects progress until the end goal is reached.

I am currently studying my third semester of BSc in Business and Economics and I have recently become an active member of Lundaekonomerna. The many opportunities the union gives its members is something I have really come to understand as an active member. The connections you get with both companies and other members are amazing and last a life time.

What about the committee and the project?

Currrently, LEST is recruiting a new committee and I would urge everyone to apply who want to be apart of creating a tour for economics students and in that way give about twenty people in our union great value. It will be a great journey that I hope will be rewarding, exciting and developing for you.


-Hedvig Astberg, Project Leader.

Project members

Hedvig Astberg
Project Leader - Collegial

0737 - 88 61 80

Filip Wallersköld
Corporate Relations Coordinator

0733 - 34 04 48

Antonia Zander
Corporate Relations Coordinator

0790 - 77 26 07

Johanna Liljenborg
Student Coordinator

0703 - 86 61 06

Victoria Starberg
Marketing Coordinator

0723 - 87 14 80

Elin Larsson
Logistics Coordinator

0708 -93 26 27