A charity project, consisting of some of the most passionated students of our union. We strive to make a difference for those who need it the most.


"Our vision is to help those who needs it the most, in whichever way we can with whichever means we have; mainly time and passion. We also hope to inform and engage interested students in the fine art of volunteering"

Light is proud to be LundaEkonomerna’s own charity project! We were established as late as in 2013 with the sole purpose to inform and engage students of our school in the troublesome situations that some people faces in modern society.

We focus on helping in the short term, where we as a student organization can make the most difference. We can’t solve world hunger, but we can invite someone who’s hungry to eat with us. We can’t make the tough circumstances go away, but we can help a child forget it and really be a child for a few hours.

Check out or Facebook page to be sure not to miss any of our events!


Our charity has mainly two legs to stand on:

• The first leg is monthly charity dinners for the homeless and those in need. The first monday of every month, we arrange a free dinner for those who needs it the most. We invite them to a meeting place where they can eat, get warm, receive the most basic necessities and socialize with other people.

• The second leg is our annual christmas gift collection, that we have each december. During this we collect as many presents as we can from students on campus, during the Vinterbal, that we later hand out to children in need. This being children who have come as refugees alone to sweden, Children who are seriously ill and in hospital, and those who need some light and happiness during the holidays.


"The first monday every month, we arrange a Charity Dinner for the homeless and those in need."

Our Charity Dinners are Light’s base-events, where it all started. The first monday every month, we invite everyone in Lund who’s hungry (usually homeless or in poverty) to come eat with us, get warm and – if they want to – socialize with out engaged students. It has been extremely appreciated, and the bounds between our guests and our staffers have been strong.

Come along! It’s fun and gives alot back to you.



To staff on one of our Charity Dinners, you can either mail our Staff Coordinator, at email:

Then he will email you when we are recruiting staffers for our next dinner. The other option is to follow our Facebook-page where we will announce the spots that are not taken by the volunteers on the mail-list.

Christmas Gift Collection

"We want to give children who have faced and are facing terrible situtations, especially during christmas, the ability to also just like everyone else be able to celebrate the joy of the holidays in one way or another."

Every year around the Christmas holidays we at Light arrange a Christmas gift collection, in the hope that all the wonderful student will help us in doing what we can that even the kids who are in hospital wards, refugee homes, or generally bad social environments are able to at least enjoy the joy of Christmas gift giving in true holiday spirit.

If you want to know more about this, how you can help out and when, do visit our facebook page “Light By Lundaekonomerna” or Contact us by email through

Lights Partner Collaborations and Networks

Light Doesn't only do work on our own, but we are also part of a number of networks and organsations where we are able to help out those in need on a greater scale, with a more direct impact.

CrossRoads Lund

Is there anything you would love light to do? Then tell us and we just might!

We at Light are always looking for new and fun ways, to make as much impact and positive change we can. So if you have a brilliant idea you think we should do, then don’t hesitate and email us at and we will se what we can do 🙂

Former Project Leader has the word

Former Project Leader Jonathan Lundberg reflects over why he chose Light.

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“It tears my soul, burns my eyes and pierces my heart when I see injustice happening in front of me and I can’t to do anything about it. I can’t stand aside quitely like a spectator when I see something happening that I believe is wrong. Through Light and LundaEkonomerna, I have the means to act against injustice. It’s a unique opportunity to not just stand aside and talk about how awful it is that this or that is happening, but to acctually be able to do something about it.  As Project Leader, I worked with some of the most passionated people within the union, and gott to be a part of all aspects of my awesome committee’s work. This was my second year in Light, and it is one of the choices in life that I will never regret, not for a second” – Jonathan Lundberg, Project Leader


project members

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our work
or if you are eager to help out during any of our events.

Robert D. Lilford
Project Leader - Collegial


Elisabeth Ebert
Marketing Coordinator

Philip Johnsson
External Relations Coordinator

Adi Creson
Staff Coordinator