Lund International Week

Lund International Week (LIW) is merely one project in a global union of similar projects that are all a part of the International Week Coordinating Organization (IW-CO).

Lund International Week

The School of Economics and Management at Lund University organizes a yearly international week to foster the university’s relationship with other partner universities all over the world.

Every year Lund University invites carefully selected business students from foreign universities to visit Lund. The students will get the opportunity to experience the life of a student at one of Sweden’s top universities for one week. This week will also give the students a taste of the employment prospects available in our greatly entrepreneurial region. Hence it is a great chance for both students and companies to start a long-term relationship.

What happens during the Lund International Week?
During this week both international and Swedish students will participate in a number of activities. There will be visits to characteristic Swedish companies and organizations to give an insight into local trade and industry. There will be sightseeing and social events to get to know the city itself and the Swedish culture. Dinners and parties will be arranged, giving the opportunity to mingle with other students and make reality the well-known legend of Lund’s student life. This will be an unforgettable week!

What is the goal with Lund International Week?
The goal for LIW is to offer an inspiring week full of activities, marketing Lund and Sweden for international students. We want LIW to encourage international students to study or work here and also create a good reputation worldwide for our university, culture, industry and city as a whole. The purpose is also to develop a fruitful network, which promotes exchange between Lund University Business School and our international partner Universities. This week gives both companies and students a golden opportunity to build long-term relationships over the borders.

Lund International Week of 2018 is proud to be sponsored by:


These are outtakes of some stories that have emerged from our project. Read them, get inspired and come and create your own stories with us!

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Within IW-CO over 25 countries and universities are involved from all around the world, everyone with the same goal and purpose; to support intercultural relations, to strengthen transnational co-operations and to create opportunities for long-term associations between students from different parts of the world.

International Week network called IWCO consist of 26 member organizations – International Weeks (IW). Each IW is organized by the local students and hosts from member student unions. During the IW there are many opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information amongst the international participants.

Every IW is based on 4 pillars: business, culture, academic, social exchange. Each scope covers various activities that take place during International Week and which participants have the opportunity to experience.

Although each week is flavored by the local culture, other nations are conveyed through activities such as the International Dinner in which each participant prepares a traditional dish from their country and presents it with a personal story. Through this a real exchange takes place.

The social potential of the IWs is great and many friendships, important connections and social networks are created through these weeks.

Application process, when applying for other weeks

We regularly present other schools International Weeks and every member of LundaEkonomerna can apply, no matter where you are from. Apply to one of our presented IW:s by following this process!

Follow this step by step guide on how to apply for our weeks:

Step 1:
Send your CV and a letter of motivation (usually about 250 words) to In the letter of motivation you have to explain why you would be a great representative of LundaEkonomerna,  your interest in the host country and if you have any previous experiences from the country.

Step 2:
After each deadline, you get an answer if you have been nominated as a representative of LundaEkonomerna to the International Week. The application is then forwarded to the host University, including the justification of LundaEkonomerna. Note that you cannot apply to the International Week yourself via their webpage. You have to be chosen by LundaEkonomerna to be able to participate.

Step 3:
If you haven been chosen, congratulations, you are in for an amazing experience!


– The host University announces to LundaEkonomerna and the nominated person if the person has been accepted to the International Week or not. Sometimes more than just one representative has to possibilty to go, depending on availability.

– If you have been accepted, the time has come to plan your trip and book a flight or train ticket to your destination from Lund. As a member of LundaEkonomerna, your only expenditure is the tickets back and forth to the host country from Lund. Other expenses, such as housing, food and entrance fees is financed by the organizing University.

– Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore new exciting places, cities, countries ande cultures and at the same time get to know students from all over the world!

Here is an overview of all the International Weeks coming up so you can start planning ahead!

We’re so happy to invite you to International Week West Japan which will take place from the 1st-8th September!

You will get to see the most amazing places in west Japan such as the Kuromon market in Osaka, eat amazing sushi and drink fabulous Japanese sake, go on a company visit in Kobe, experience an overnight trip to Biwako (The biggest lake jn Japan) and sp much more!!
An unforgettable week is waiting for you so make sure to apply.

Deadline for application is 30/5!


A word from the Project leader

Anton Jernå is the Project Leader of Lund International Week 2019.
Together with his amazing committee he wants revamp the week and make it the best Lund International Week the union has ever seen.

See available positions

How international are you?
I participated in my first international, and cultural, exchange during the summer I turned 14. I had the opportunity to live with a family in Colorado for two weeks and truly experience what it was to live in another country. Their son then came to live with me in Sweden and experience our country for another two weeks. There was something so special about this exchange, how we got a completely new insight in how another culture works in just two weeks. This sparked something inside of me – I wanted more. I wanted to see more parts of the world and how they functioned. As such I participated in a year-long exchange during my High School years and continued to be active in CISV, an organization that arranges summer villages for children all over the world. Since then, I’ve travelled the world more times than I can count and was an active member of LIW’17. But I am determined to make LIW’18 even better!

Why should you get involved with LIW?
LIW’17 was one of the most succesful IW’s ever arranged. People from all over the world came to Lund and got to experience a fantastic week packed with various social activities, company visits and even a trip to another country! It’s safe to say that we arranged an unforgettable week for everyone involved, not only the participants. I want to make next year’s LIW even more successful with more activities internally in committee, be seen more externally towards other LundaEkonomer and finally share the message about what opportunities all members of the union have to experience the world from a new perspective – the IW perspective.

So please, join me in the journey of creating & arranging a magical week in the spring-time of Lund. As such, I invite every LundaEkonom into becoming a part of the LIW’18 family!

committee members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our committee members!

Anton Jernå
Project Leader - Collegial

+46-70 697 70 21

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Corporate Relations Coordinator

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Marketing Coordinator

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Event Coordinator

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