Nådiga Lundtan

Nådiga Lundtan is the student union magazine of LundaEkonomerna.


The editorial team of Nådiga Lundtan aim to engage and enlighten the students at the Lund School of Economics and Management by becoming the best student magazine in Sweden.

Our articles range from economic topics such as international trade, to more general ones, such as sustainability or current events happening in Lund. We also have a proud history of interviewing public figures including, but not limited to, Anna Kinberg Batra, Alex & Sigge, Antje Jackelén and Johan Lindeberg.

The magazine reaches over 3 000 students and approximately 200 companies and organizations. You find us www.lundtan.lundaekonomerna.se

Something for everyone

Nådiga Lundtan's writers and reporters have much freedom regarding their texts which is why the magazine consists of varying and interesting articles. Economy, politics, student life and culture are just a few topics.

Since 1995 Nådiga Lundtan has reported on various issues, from economics and politics to what is happening in Lund and Lund School of Economics and Management. Do you have an issue you want to bring up? Contact us at lundtan@lundaekonomerna.se and your article might be the next one to be published!

Nådiga Lundtan is a web based magazine, available for everyone. Here all our articles and reports are published continuously during the semester. Visit us at www.lundtan.lundaekonomerna.se.

Interested in writing?

Writing for Nådiga Lundtan means freedom regarding topics as well as a responsibility to keep a high quality of the magazine.

Most of our published articles are written by our writers or reporters. We recruit writers in the beginning of the fall semester and reporters in the beginning of the spring semester. Read more about the positions here.

Feel like writing something but not being part of a committee? There are possibilities to get articles published anyway. Please contact the editor-in-chief at lundtan@lundaekonomerna.se if you are interested and we will get back to you!

A chat with the editor-in-chief

Here beside you have the chance to read some words from a person behind the magazine.

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Hi Lovisa! What do you do at Nådiga Lundtan?

I am the Editor-in-Chief, the project leader of the committee.

Wow! What does an editor do?

My work include a little bit of everything. The main work, as Editor-in-Chief, is making sure all of our articles is edited and published. As Editor-in-Chief I make sure everything looks the way it should. I mostly help coordinate the editorial staff, manage our webpage and plan fun events for the committee together with our editor, Demet.

Why do you think people should apply to Nådiga Lundtan?

Whilst studying at university we are not often given the opportunity to write about our personal interests. I believe that being a part of the Lundtan team is a great opportunity for those who have a passion for writing and are eager to explore topics outside of the classroom.

Also, for those who enjoy art, Lundtan offers a great opportunity for people to explore ones creativity. This, for example, by attending and reflecting on various events offered at Lund University. I also believe that working with something more than just schoolwork benefits students more than they think. It is a great chance to see how a magazine functions and a great way to get to know new people and have fun!

What do you think makes Nådiga Lundtan special?

Lundtan is a great way for LundaEkonomerna to market themselves! It also allows people to write about whatever they think is interesting, and be creative. Since we are a webmagazine we have the advantage of being quick and flexible. Anyone is welcome to join without having previous experience. That, I believe, is a great thing!


committee members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our committee members!

Lovisa Walldén Persson
Editor-in-chief - Collegial



Demet Olgaç
Editor - Collegial



Erika Larsson



Sofia Livman



Josefina Lundh



Johanna Pauli



Emma Sandin
Communications Coordinator



Robert D. Lilford