Sales Team

LundaEkonomerna’s Sales Team is a newly founded committee that is set out to work with sales for LundaEkonomerna’s account.


"The main purpose of the project is to increase the width of companies that the union is related to, in order to increase the possibilities for the members and decrease the gap between education and a future career."

Why we are here
Lundaekonomerna is currently collaborating with a vast amount of interesting and highly professional companies. However, the union is always looking to create new quality relationships with organizations in order to add value for our members. Sales Team’s task and mission is to find those future partners.

Not just sales
It might be wrong to define what Sales Team does as “sales”. A more suitable definition is “whole process long-term relationship building”. The distinction is important because our goal is not to try to sell the companies our events but to build relationships for the future.

The young and small organization
We are not suprised if you haven’t seen us yet. Most of our work is carried out behind the scenes, so we might be hard to detect. Also, because of our size and infant age it is possible that you haven’t encountered us. Sales Team consists of six members, making it the small and flexible group we need to be. As mentioned before, the committe is also quite young. Sales Team started as a project in the spring of 2014 and now, by the end of it’s second year, the project is under constant development.

Our progress
This semester Sales Team’s mission has gone from only working with long-term focused sales, to also being a force for improved external relationships throughout LundaEkonomerna. This is done by educating the other members in sales and keeping a close eye on our CRM-system.

A word from our Project Leader

Ebba is currently the project leader of Sales Team.

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Who is Ebba? 

I am currently studying my third semester in Lund, and I love it! This is the first committee in LundaEkonomerna that I am a part of, but I have also been a staffer during eee. I would recommend anyone who wants to make new friends, boost their resume and learn outside of the classroom to get involved!

Why did you become a member of the team?

I wanted to get involved and become an active member of LundaEkonomerna and when scrolling through available positions I found Sales Team. I felt like I had something to offer the team and also thought it sounded like a lot of fun. I was very intrigued by the idea that I could start building my relationship with my future employer this early in my career. I am very, very happy with my decision. It is an honor to be a part of a team that can create so many opportunities for the students at LUSEM!

What does Sales Team do?

We contact companies over phone and e-mail and explain what LundaEkonomerna has to offer in terms of different ways of collaborating. The first contact with a new company is sales oriented – but after that it is more about building relationships for the future. I think one of the best parts of it is that we get to talk to so many different professionals. One of the hardest parts is to figure out what companies all different types of students find interesting – we want to work with the best and give everyone the chance to meet their future employer!

Project members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our members!

Ebba Dahl
Project Leader - Collegial


Filip Altergård
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Olof Tedin


Gabriella Norén


Karl Österberg


Joel Samuelsson