"Sexmästeriet arranges all the parties within LundaEkonomerna and bringing joy to the members of the union!"
- A member of LundaEkonomerna


Sexmästeriet is LundaEkonomerna's operating force in all social activities within the student union. The team of 6 Works during all LundaEkonomerna's Events to make sure everything is perfect from food to music and bartending.

Who are we?
Sexmästeriet are a Group of six members. The best word to describe us is the Word family. We have our moms and dads and we have the sons and daughters. An extremely big effort is being put in to make it feel this way from the start when the Group is being put together. Long hours and sleepless nights are struggled but who’s counting hours when you are with your best friends, your family?

We are the most festive committee in LundaEkonomerna that arranges all the parties – novice party, balls, career fair parties etc. Sexmästeriet simply makes the party!

If you want to work with us, do not hesitate to contact our Sexmästare or Tremästare by email or the telephone numbers you find below their names.


Tre- and Sexmästaren- As tremästare, your task is get staffers, see to their needs and assure they have fun while working with sexmästeriet (which isn’t hard because it is always fun to work with Sexmästeriet) . It’s a position that allows you to get in touch with people and make a lot of new friends along the way. Sexmästarens part in Sexmästeriet is as head of the committee. As sexmästare you get to assist, coordinate bigger and smaller events and work alongside almost all of the other committees in LundaEkonomerna.

Vicebar- and Barmästaren-  The role of vicebar-barmaster comes with late nights as well as constantly meeting and socializing with new people and is perfect if you are an easygoing person that don’t mind a bit of stress from time to time. The role comes with handling and getting the necessary items before the parties, making sure the serving of drinks works smoothly during the night and of course, having a great time while doing it!

Vicehov- and Hovmästaren- The position as vice hovmästare and hovmästare is great if you love socializing with people and are a little bit of a perfectionist. Being hovmästare in Sexmästeriet means that you have responsibility for basically everything connected to the food during the sittning. We get to hang out with all our heroes during the day when setting the tables and we make sure that serving the food goes as smooth as possible.

A word from our Sexmästare

Sexmästare Elin Vängbo shares hers thoughts about Sexmästeriet and all it has to offer.

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”When I first started studying in Lund, I directly understood that LundaEkonomerna had a lot to offer. After working with Sexmästeriet a few times I quickly understood that this was the part of the social leg I was interested in.

While working with the committee, as a staffer or as an active member, you get to meet a lot of new people and you make a lot of new friends as well. The life as a student is all about learning, making new connections and of course, having fun. As a staffer, I had very much fun working with Sexmästeriet, I met a lot of interesting and nice people and that was why I applied for the roll as Tre- and Sexmästare!

I’ve had a lot of fun with my committee, I’ve learned very much and I intend to continue having fun and learning during the spring semester aswell. My final words will be: If you’re an outgoing person, who likes meeting new people and engaging in big events, working side by side with a group of wonderful persons, apply for Sexmästeriet! You wont regret it.”



Committee Members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our committee members!

Elin Vängbo
Sexmästare - Collegial


Oscar Engström
Tremästare - Collegial


Sofia Söderström


Fredrik Sandberg
Vice Barmästare


Eric Lagerlöf


Clara Simonsson
Vice Hovmästare