Social Committee

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding

Committee Mission

The purpose is to create interactions and build friendships between students of LUSEM.

What We Do

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding. To achieve this we create various events throughout the year. The events that we arrange vary from sporting activities such as weekly football practises and a volleyball tournament to classic Lund parties, such as our annual Crayfish party and Visboken.


Project Leader & Vice Project Leader – Responsible of the entire committee
Communications Coordinator – Administrative role with marketing focus
Sports Coordinator – Responsible for our sport activities
Event Coordinator – Responsible for our parties and events
Tandem Generals – Responsible for the annual Tandem race

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LE Sports

Staying active with LundaEkonomerna

Weekly Sport Activities

LE Sports is the Social Committees sport section. We organise weekly football practice and games agains other teams, we also hold sports like dodgeball and basketball. During the fall the Social Committee arranges an annual volleyball tournament in partnership with EY and every week we host a running event where you can choose to run two different lapss; 5km or 7,5km. The focus of LE Sports is the social part of sports, so you don’t have to be a professional. For information about the weekly practices check out LundaEkonomerna Sports on Facebook!


LE Tries

During the term the Social Committee also arranges different sessions of LE Tries where we gather to try out something new, previously we have tried paintball and hot yoga. There will be limited spots for these events so stay tuned on LundaEkonomerna’s website!




LE Tandem

The traditional Tandem-race of Lund


Every year Lund’s student unions and nations get together and race on tandem-bikes from Gothenburg back to Lund. It is a great opportunity to be a part of Lund’s most famous tradition and meet new people from different student unions and nations. The race is in May with several pre-events for the group to familiarise themselves with each other. Stay tuned on the website to get a chance to get your spot!





Events & parties

If you are into events, Lund is the place to be. There are plenty of parties and sit down dinners for hundreds of people to be organised and the Social Committee is in charged of Lundaekonomernas social gatherings.


The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life more fun and rewarding. Our main focus is to create interactions, and build friendship between the students of LUSEM. We do this by creating several diverse events throughout the year. The events can vary from a traditional Swedish crayfish party to a classic Visboken dinner, a St Patricks Day celebrations or why not a Summer party? Only our imagination will set the limits!








A Word from our Project Leader

Evelina Delsing is the current Project Leader of the Social Committee.

Evelina joined at the end of her first semester as an Event Coordinator and have now spend one year with the committee. She has been responsible for the annual crayfish party and Visboken and have participated in most social events hosted by the union.

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Growing up with parents who actually met during their studies in Lund, I early on knew that I wanted to study at a university where I could experience the true ‘student life’. LundaEkonomerna has been a big part of making that student dream come trough. The union has introduced me to people that I now call best friends and I have experienced and learnt so much.

The union has really made me feel at home at LUSEM and I urge everyone to participate in the events and activities on offer. It is a great opportunity to create memories of your student life and best of all, you make friends for life!

Lots of love,






Committee Members

Please feel free to contact the members of our committee!

Evelina Delsing
Project Leader - Collegial


Sofie Weissglas
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Henrik Gustafson
Communications Coordinator


Amanda Ottosson
Sports Coordinator


Isak Nylén
Sports Coordinator


Kasper Simonsson
Sports Coordinator


Elias Johansson
Event Coordinator


Julia Trulsson
Event Coordinator


Klara Dunehav
Event Coordinator


Simon Blackman
Event Coordinator


Holger Holgersson
Mascot Coordinatior