Social Committee

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding

Committee Mission

The purpose is to create interactions and build friendships between students of LUSEM.

What We Do

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding. To achieve this we create various events throughout the year. The events that we arrange vary from sporting events such as a volleyball tournament to classic Lund parties, such as our yearly Crayfish party and Visboken.


Project Leader & Vice Project Leader – Responsible of entire operation.
Communications Coordinator – Administrative role with marketing focus.
Sports Coordinator – In charge of entire sports operation, contact with the corporate client.
Event Coordinator – Project leaders for our parties and trips.
Senior Sports Coordinator- Project leaders for all sports activities, both weekly and larger events.
Tandem Generals – Project leaders of the traditional Tandem race.

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LE Sports

Staying active with LundaEkonomerna

Weekly Sport Activities

LE Sports is part of the Social Committee, where we organise weekly sport activities. There is weekly football practice, as well as matches and other sports like multi-ball and killer-ball. The Social committee also provides LundaEkonomerna with our own cheerleading squad we also organise PwC Running Challenge where we run two laps; 5km or 7,5km together with PwC. The focus of LE Sports is the social part of sports, so you don’t have to be a professional. For information about the weekly practices check out LundaEkonomerna Sports on Facebook!


LE Tries

During the term LE Sports also arrange three LE Tries, larger sporting events such as climbing, crossfit, horseback riding and  paintball. There will be limited spots on these events so stay tuned on LundaEkonomerna’s website!




LE Tandem

The traditional Tandem-race of Lund


Every year Lund’s student unions and nations get together and race on tandem-bikes from Gothenburg back to Lund. It is a great opportunity to be a part of Lund’s most famous tradition and meet new people from different student unions and nations. The race is in May with several pre-events for the group to familiarise themselves with each other. Stay tuned on the website to get a chance to get your spot!







Events & parties

If you are into events, Lund is the place to be. There are plenty of parties and sit down dinners for hundreds of people to be organised and the Social Committee is in charged of Lundaekonomernas social gatherings.


The Social Committee in LundaEkonomerna is devoted to make the social life more fun and rewarding. Our main focus is to create interactions, and build friendship between the students of LUSEM. We do this by creating several diverse events throughout the year. The events which are arranged could be anything from a traditional Swedish crayfish party to a classic Visboken dinner, a St Patricksday celebrations or why not a Summer party? Only our imagination will set the limits! We would love for you to join us, but remember, the spots fills quickly.

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A Word from the Project Leader

Carolina Larsen is the current Project Leader for the Social Committee, studying her fourth semester in Business.

Carolina has been an active member in LundaEkonomerna since her first semester - starting out as Event Coordinator in the Social Committee. She has also been a staffer at eee, and will staff as Corporate host eee 2017. Her favorite song is "Genre Police", which is not for the faint of heart.

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When I first came to Lund I, like so many other I didn’t know anyone nor did I know the town. My decision to study Business at Lund University was not a given and I had no idea what kind of career I was looking for. It wasn’t until I got involved in LundaEkonomerna that I truly fell in love with the student life. The thing is – I have learned a lot these last semesters in Lund and most of it is because the amazing opportunities presented within the union. I feel closer to finding out what my education will lead up to, and I think its mostly because of all the inspiring people I have met here.

My passion lies with the members of Social Committee, and the events we have. There is something unique about every time we organize something for our members – people meet for the first time, old friends reunite, best friends laugh together. That is way I love it, it’s not only me that gets inspired when meeting students, everyone around us as well.

Take the chance to meet new friends and get inspired like I was – our events is for everyone who is a member of LundaEkonomerna and we want everyone to be there.

Lots of love,


Committee Members

Please feel welcome to contact the members in our committee!

Carolina Larsen
Project Leader - Collegial


Emma Truvé
Senior Sports Coordinator


Christos Karabelas
Communications Coordinator


Louise Johansson
Tandem General


Rickard Stenswed
Tandem General


Lucas Fenn
Sports Coordinator


Anja Wallén
Sports Coordinator


Evelina Delsing
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Erik Håkansson
Event Coordinator


Avin Alam
Sports Coordinator


David Nyman
Event Coordinator