WILMA is a mentor program within LundaEkonomerna. By taking part in the program, WILMA aims to create an interactive business network consisting of students at LUSEM and female mentors.

WILMA is a mentor program for students studying at Lund University School of Economics and Management and female business mentors with experience from the working life. Our WILMA mentors can be found in different companies and areas, but they are all driven and successful women who wants to be mentor for the students at LUSEM.

Through interactive activities, inspirational lectures and networking evenings, the WILMA-network functions as a source of inspiration and a possibility to create valuable contacts for the future.

WILMA was founded back in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic female students at LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management). The ambition was to give female students a possibility to exchange experiences and career guidance.

Today WILMA is a part of LundaEkonomerna and a structural decision was made to also include male students in the program. Highlighting female leadership is however still the focus, this by having solely female mentors.

We in the WILMA-committee, together with all our members, strive to continue this creation of valuable interaction.

Become a WILMA-Adept

Becoming a WILMA-Adept can be a life changing decision.

Hello there! Are you curious about WILMA’s mentor program? Here you can find information that gives you a good idea of what the program is and its different activities. Meet mentors and adepts in the program and get inspired!

As a WILMA-Adept you will…
Get inspired and learn from a business mentor who has been successful in the working life during a longer period of time

Have the opportunity to network with people active in varying industries and positions

Take part in workshops exclusive for our members of the network

Is the mentor program something for you?
We are looking for driven people, and we prefer that you can be active as an adept for at least one year. This is because we want you to have an opportunity to make the most of your mentorship. Further on, it is important that you are a social person who understands the value of networking and seizes the opportunity to exchange ideas with someone who has been active in the professional life during a longer period of time. Every mentor is assigned two students, so this is a great way to expand your network both within the business life and LUSEM.


Information Evening
During this evening the committee will provide information about the program. We will give tips and ideas for the upcoming mentor meetings to create a flying start in the mentor program!

Network Evening
This evening is an opportunity for all the active members to meet and socialize under more relaxed circumstances. A traditional WILMA network evening starts with mingle and workshop, then dinner. A suggestion is to go to the network evening together as a group and then discuss it during next meeting.

WILMA Vision
Once a semester, we offer all students within Lundaekonomerna an inspiring lecture (where food will be served). A business woman will speak about a specific topic and her experiences in that field. Last semester the amazing Tove Dahlgren from Allbright, with a background as the president in the local UN Women Association in Stockholm, a debater in feminism and as an expert in Swedish media such as expressen and tv4 nyhetsmorgon, held the lecture. She told us about equality in Swedish listed companies and shared practical advice regarding how you as an individual, and as a person in power, can make a change.


Being a WILMA-Mentor

Seize the opportunity to get a glimpse of the future!

The WILMA network consists of driven and motivated students, who study business administration, economics or system sciences at Lund University School of Economics and Management, one of the highest ranked business schools in Sweden. Through this collaboration you get the unique opportunity to meet our members and at an early stage build a relationship between yourself and us the students.


WILMA offers a range of events exclusive for our members: network evenings and workshops.  We are very open to ideas and keen to adapt our events to suggestions from the network.

If you wish to get in contact or learn more about becoming a mentor please email us at wilma@lundaekonomerna.se


Frequently asked question about WILMA

Q: Is it only for women?
A: No, WILMA highlights female leadership by only having female mentors, but our adepts are both male and female. And of course, male students are welcome to apply.

Q: What happens after I apply?
A: We will go through all the applications and match you with a mentor that we believe will be a good match based on your application.

Q: Do I have to find a mentor on my own?
A: No, we do the recruitment of mentors, all you need to do is to apply to become an adept.

Q: Will everyone that apply get a mentor?
A: Unfortunately, no, we only have a limited number of mentors, and every mentor is assigned 1-2 adepts.

Q: Is it open for international students?
A: Yes! Our mentors are not only interested for Swedish-speaking students, so international students are also welcome to apply.

Q: Will my mentor get me a job?
A: No, this is not what your mentor is here for. Meeting a mentor is an opportunity for you to meet someone that once were in the position you are in today, but since then have gained a lot of knowledge and experience that she is willing to share.

Q: In which business fields does the mentors work?
A: We have mentors within all different business fields that you can study as LUSEM, for example management, marketing and auditing. If you are only interested in having a mentor within a certain business field, please make sure you specify it in your application.


Please contact us if your questions is not answered!









Some words from members of our network

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“As an adept within the WILMA network, I have during 1,5 years gotten the opportunity to get to know an eminent woman out in the working life. It has been very rewarding for me to use my mentor as a sounding board to discuss thoughts and ideas. This, partly as we have a similar background of studies and involvement in the student life of Lund, partly because it is a useful step in to my approaching working life. As the mentors in the network do this voluntarily, I myself am motivated to become a mentor in the future. Go goodwill!”
Carolina Norlin, adept

“The fundamental drive for me being a mentor is the feeling that our meetings matter; for me as well as the students. I find it very rewarding to share my experiences and being challenged to reflect on them from new perspectives. I learn as much as I share.”

Christina Lindskog, mentor
Management Consultant and Partner



Project members

Don't hesitate to contact our project members if you have any questions!

Anna Kardell
Project Leader - Collegial

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Elvira Eugenia Eriksson
Vice Project Leader - Collegial

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Ebba Schollin
Events Coordinator

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Malin Lundin
Communications Coordinator

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Elin Gabrielsson
External Relations Coordinator

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