The Education Committee

The Education Committee is occupied with the core activity of LundaEkonomerna; surveillance of the education. The committee works as a link between the students and the university by ensuring an ongoing dialogue between all parties at The School of Economics and Management.

The Education Committee consists primarily of students who are given the responsibility of acting as student representative at the various institutions and boards at The School of Economics and Management. At the institution or board meetings the students are able to present ideas and viewpoints previously discussed at the Education Committee’s own meetings. As the purpose of the Education Committee is to represent all students at The School of Economics and Management, the Education Committee is highly dedicated to collecting students’ opinions about their education, for instance through Speak Up Days. In addition to representation, the Education Committee is also involved in numerous projects with the aim of improving the quality of both the education and the study environment. These projects are initiated and executed by members of the Education Committee with a particular interest in the subject.

What does the Education Committee do?

The Education Committee has three main activity areas:

Collecting students’ opinions: In order to make sure that the Education Committee represents all students at The School of Economics and Management the committee makes various efforts to collect the opinions of as many students as possible. The primary sources of feedback are the Speak Up Days, during which students are encouraged to speak up and give feedback about their education. Additionally, the Education Committee welcomes continuous feedback from students. This can be done in person through talking to one of the Education Committee members or by sending a simple email to uu [at] lundaekonomerna [dot] se

Representation at institution and board meetings: Whenever an institution or a board holds a meeting, the Education Committee sends its representative to sit in on the meeting, raise previously agreed upon issues and report back to the Education Committee. The purpose of the student representative is to ensure that the students’ voices are heard in important decision making processes.

Projects: The Education Committee also consists of enthusiastic individuals who pursue their own projects within the framework of the committee. These projects vary in size and scope and can include everything from simple things such as getting more microwave ovens to larger projects such as mentoring in personal development for students or increasing awareness about rights of dyslexic students.

More questions?

If you have any further questions about the Education Committee or if you feel that there is anything in your education that you think needs to change, or is particularly good, please do not hesitate to email us at uu [at] lundaekonomerna [dot] se.

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The Education Committe - On your side!