Election for the General Council 2018/2019

Vote for candidates to the General Council 18/19

Between 2nd - 23rd of May the voting for the new General Council is open for all members of LundaEkonomerna. Take this opportunity to make sure that you are represented and heard during the upcoming year.






Information about Voting
All members of LundaEkonomerna Spring ‘18, who has payed a members fee, can find their Election Code (“Valkod” in Swedish) on their StudentLund-card and will be able to login to the election site using this and their personal-ID-number for casting their maximum of 5 votes. It is possible to change votes during the entire voting period. The votes that are locked in the system on the 23rd of May at 23.59 will be counted and all votes are anonymous.

Information about Candidates
All candidates can be found via the link below. All newly elected members of the General Council will be invited to participate at the General Council meeting 24th of May.

How to Vote
Use the details on your StudentLund-card and log in HERE.

Information about General Council
The General Council consist of 21 ordinary members and 10 deputy members. To be a member of the General Council means that you are elected by LundaEkonomerna’s members in order to represent them and their interests in the highest decision making body of the union. This includes voting for budget propositions, make decisions specified in the statues, elect candidates for positions of trust, elect the board for upcoming year and be a part of monitoring and supporting the board in strategic decisions. The General Council year consists of approximately one meeting per month throughout the year and all elected candidates are expected to part take in the majority of these meetings and also to speak up on behalf of the union’s members. LundaEkonomerna is a learning organisations and being a part of the General Council requires no previous experience from similar work.

Information about the Electoral Commission
The Electoral Commission carries out the election of the General Council in accordance to the statute of LundaEkonomerna. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the election: election@lundaekonomerna.se