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We work constantly to offer all the previous exams to help our students during their studies. You can find all the exams here, completely free!
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Upcoming activities

  • Apply for Cologne International Week

    Social Want to experience german culture and visit the unique Cologne Carnival? Apply for Cologne International Week now!
  • Apply for Case Academy 2014!

    Ekonomihögskolan, Lund
    Education Do you want to develop your problem solving skills? Do you wish to “polish” your presentation technique together with the business community and students and at the same time get valuable and new contacts? If your answer is yes to these questions, you should apply to Case Academy today! Send your resume and a personal letter to caseacademy@lundaekonomerna.se no later than 11/9. The first event starts at 22/9, and the applicants need to be available from this date. All activities during the semester will take place after 5 pm, with one exception. Note that the event is held in Swedish and therefore only for Swedish speaking students.
  • The Novice Party Autumn 2014

    Stora salen, AF-borgen
    Social Do you want to end the Novice period in the best possible way? Make sure you attend the fancy Novice party on September 27th located in the AF-fort.

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