The General Council

The General Council is the highest decision making body in LundaEkonomerna.

The General Council

The Mission of the General

The council has 21 ordinary members and 10 deputy members. These members are elected each year by the members of LundaEkonomerna. All members in LundaEkonomerna have the right to nominate, vote and apply for positions in the council.

The General Council takes all the major strategic and financial decisions, appoints the board members and approves budgets and annual reports. The council also elects all committee project leaders, the Nominations Committee and take decisions specified in the statues.



How can YOU influence General Council?

  • Talk to the Speaker or a member of the council
  • Write a motion
  • Join the General Council!

As a member of Lundaekonomerna Student Union, you are always welcome to participate during the meetings. No registration is needed.

If you want to access the protocols of the General Council Click here 

The members who hold an ordinary position in the General Council

Ordinary Members always has the right to vote

Anna Johansson

My name is Anna Johansson and I am a member of LundaEkonomerna’s General Council HT18-VT19. During my stay in Lund and Lund University School of Economics and Management I have been involved in different union events such as the eeeDays and committees such as the Corporate Relations Committee as Contact Person for External Companies. When I see LundaEkonomerna I see a student union with lots of commitment, striving and potential for all of its active members. However, I believe that we can become more than that. I believe that the overall picture of LundaEkonomerna can improve from being seen as a student union for all its active members, into becoming a student union for all of LUSEM’s members. With this goal in sight I decided to apply for becoming a member of the General Council, with hope to have influence over our lovely student union, and fulfill our purpose of being seen as a union for all LUSEM members out there.



Annie Dahlemar

In February I was chosen by the general council to become a project leader. During this time I’ve had so much fun and gotten a lot of insight in the union. I wanted to become a member of the general council to give back to the union by sharing my thoughts of how we can approve and make sure that the union moves forward by choosing the new project leaders.

I believe that some of our important issues are diversity among our active members, the transparency towards all of our members and how we can make the work in the committees more effective to be able decrease the workload.



Anton Alm

My goal with my time in LundaEkonomerna has always been to contribute as much as I can and to make an impact on the organization. This is the overall reason for why I sent in my application for the General Council, I feel like this is the best platform for change within the union. As a member of the General Council, I stand foremost to enhance the sustainability work that I feel that the union needs to work on. Furthermore, I believe that the great work that our active members in the union does need to be rewarded, not only because hard work and dedication should be rewarded but also to enhance the value of being an active member in order to increase applications for different positions within the union. This by making them more valuable in different ways. Lastly, I support and will work for a more equal union for all, in order for it to be more inclusive to all our members no matter their, gender, ethnicity, age. This is not only because I know that it is the right way for our union to go but also for all of us to learn more and gain better experiences.


Axel Nilsén

As a previous member of Sexmästeriet I have done quite a lot within the union. With my background it might be clear that I love arranging events and making other people have a great and fun time. Now I strive to make these events even better but form a different position. I aim to make sure all students of LUSEM and members of LundaEkonomerna can participate at our events and feel included while doing so. Finding a great balance between business and pleasure is very important for me. This means that I will fight to create the best possible conditions for education as well as giving every student several events to chose from. I believe that you perform better in school when you find other means of relaxations and enjoyment!

See you around!


Beatrice Axelsson

I chose to apply to the General Council because I wanted to be a part of making an impact on the Union and its long-term goals. I also feel that I have valuable knowledge of the Union from before that I would like to contribute with.

I think the most important issues/questions for LundaEkonomerna right now is to decide how we want the Union to look in the future. How do we want people to feel when being engaged in the Union? I also think that another important question is the openness and inclusiveness that we want to show to all members, which always can be improved and is equally important every year.




Daniel Zidén

The reason I choose to apply for the general council was in order to be able to give back to the union. The union has given me a great deal of personal development as well as friends for life. I hope to be able to affect and influence the general counsel in the best possible way for this union to flourish.

This year I believe an extended focus on the sustainability is of the essence. Both in terms of diversity and the environment. Last year the foundation of the environmental work was set, now we have to continue this work. Besides this, I believe in focusing on long-term relations with our visiting companies can be improved. We have to work with them in a way that allows us to create relations instead of short business contacts.




Demet Olgac







Emil Eriksson









Erik Söderqvist

As a member of the general council it is my intention to influence the discussions with a perspective of a minority’s view on matters of the union, the view of the informatic students.

I find that the work for a more transparent and open union is one of the most important issues today. My previous work experience within the union has given me a broad understanding of the work on an operational level. I am now ready to put that to use on the strategic level.





Hanna Elmteg

I really think that the union is a big factor to many of the student wellbeing, a safe place for everyone! I believe that the General Council is essential for the union and that is also why I applied. To represent all of the students at LUSEM, find the unions new stars and finally make sustainable decisions for our unions best.

I believe that the transparency of the union is one of the most important matters for LundaEkonomerna. From my perspective the union are a big asset and something every student at LUSEM should feel supported by. In addition to this, we need to make more members engaged in and aware of the decisions that the general council takes.


Isak Wallin

I applied for the General Council because I wanted to contribute to the process of making an even better union for all members, since they are the ones who have made (and keep making) my time in Lund the best time of my life. In addition, I wanted to get an insight in the decision-making and strategic process of the union.

One of the most important issues this union is facing right now is the vacant positions of trust. More members of the union should apply to those positions as they are the one of the vital foundations of this organization.

Another important matter that this union faces continuously is working towards a more inclusive union. This matter should always be a top priority, since the union is nothing without all its members.


Jakob Palerius

I applied to the General Council because I think it is a great opportunity to affect Lundaekonomerna. I have over the last year learnt a lot about our union and saw this as a fun and challenging task where all that I have learnt can be applied.

To me the most important thing for our union is getting more people to see and partake in the fun and amazing work that we do. A more diverse group of people as project leaders, committee members and staffers is what we need to continue improving. I believe that one way to do this is to be more outspoken about the general council and provide an insight into the work that goes on there. This is what I aim to do both in my role as a general council member but also as a member of Lundaekonomerna.


Johanna Lager

I believe that the general council should focus on making the atmosphere more transparent and welcoming. This is needed to make sure that everyone who wants to apply for different positions feel comfortable doing that. When that is done, the focus should be on developing the union but at the same time make sure it is still a student union. These two topics are the reason I applied to the general council.


Lisa Appelquist


Lisa-Marie Borne

I chose to apply for the General Council as my experiences at Lundaekonomerna have been invaluable to me as an international student here in Lund. I believe that without Lundaekonomerna I would have never been as integrated into the “normal” Swedish way of life, or at least not to the extent that I am now. As LUSEM and the entire university is preparing to add more programmes in English at Bachelor level I feel that it is important for us as a union to prepare and make Lundaekonomerna open for new international students. I strongly believe that diversity in opinion and culture is what will truly propel us forward as a union and I hope I can help with this task in my position in the General Council.



Niklas Wallström

I decided to join the general council because I want to have insight in, and power to influence the decisions made in and for the union. Having been a collegial member I have a lot of passion for the work that the union does and I want it to grow to be the best it can be. I believe I can help with that.

The issues that we face are the inclusiveness of all members, active as non-active, and make everyone feel truly welcome as well as highlighting all the amazing events and all the help that the union provides. Not everyone know about all the opportunities LundaEkonomerna has to offer, and we need to get better at reaching out with this message.



Samuel Spjuth







Sara Sturesson

I want to be able to make a change and difference for all our members. We are the best student union in the galaxy, but there are always things to improve to be even better. I believe with a lot of passion, good experiences and hard work our union can reach even higher heights!

I want to further expand the educational goals since observing the educational objectives are the unions main purpose. Further I also want to work for more value for our members – how the union in new ways can add value to all members. Lastly, I further want work for a transparent and welcoming union for ALL members no matter if they are active or not.



Simon Blackman

My name is Simon Blackman and I am one of the ordinary members of the General Council 18/19.
I decided to apply to the general council in order to be able to have a real impact on all of the important decisions regarding the union. Every since my first attendance at a General Council meeting I was completely sold and knew I had to be a part of this.

I believe that some of the more important issues regarding LundaEkonomerna that should be handled and discussed within the General Council are: the high entry barriers, a decline in applications for positions of trust and finally everyone’s favorite, nepotism. These are issues that aren’t necessarily new but still should be highly prioritized.



The members who has a deputy position in the General Council

Deputy members has the right to vote depending on how many ordinary members are attending

Opposing candidate

Do you want to become a project leader within the Union?

See available positions



As a member, you have the right to apply to project leader for any committee even if you didn’t get nominated by the nominations committee. The process of becoming a project leader is simple. You apply when the position is advertised and you go to an interview with the nominations committee. They will nominate one candidate for the position, but even if you’re not nominated you still have a chance. If you want to apply as an opposing candidate you simply send your resume, cover letter and contact information to the Speaker of the General Council.

The process works like this:

  • You will perform a three minute long speech in english for the General Council
  • The General Council asks questions related to the position during 7-10 minutes
  • The General Council discusses the candidate(s) and votes

If you have any questions, please contact the Speakers.





The Speakers of the General Council

You are always welcome to get in contact with us regarding questions and applications!

Oliver Fyrner
Speaker - Collegial

+46 705 30 63 21

Adrian Schmidt
Vice Speaker