The General Council

The General Council is the highest decision making body in LundaEkonomerna.



The council has 21 ordinary members and 10 deputy members. These members are elected each year by the members of LundaEkonomerna. All members in LundaEkonomerna have the right to nominate, vote and apply for positions in the council.

The General Council takes all the major strategic and financial decisions, appoints the board members and approves budgets and annual reports. The council also elects all committee project leaders, the Nominations Committee and take decisions specified in the statues.



How can YOU influence General Council?

  • Talk to the Speaker or a member of the council
  • Write a motion
  • Join the General Council!

As a member of Lundaekonomerna Student Union, you are always welcome to participate during the meetings. No registration is needed.

Opposing candidate

Do you want to become a project leader within the Union?

See available positions



As a member, you have the right to apply to project leader for any committee even if you didn’t get nominated by the nominations committee. The process of becoming a project leader is simple. You apply when the position is advertised and you go to an interview with the nominations committee. They will nominate one candidate for the position, but even if you’re not nominated you still have a chance. If you want to apply as an opposing candidate you simply send your resume, cover letter and contact information to the Speaker of the General Council.

The process works like this:

  • You will perform a three minute long speech in english for the General Council
  • The General Council asks questions related to the position during 7-10 minutes
  • The General Council discusses the candidate(s) and votes

If you have any questions, please contact the Speakers.





The Speakers of the General Council

You are always welcome to get in contact with us regarding questions and applications!

Jakob Bratthall Tideman
Speaker - Collegial

+46 721 50 22 99

Tobias Graaf
Vice Speaker

+46 768 207 087