The General Council


The General Council is the highest decision making body of LundaEkonomerna.
The council takes all the major strategic and financial decisions, appoints the board and approves budgets and annual reports. The council also appoints all committee chairpersons, the Nominations Committee and much more.

The General Council has 21 ordinary members and 10 deputy members and are elected each year by all the members of LundaEkonomerna. As a member you have the right to nominate, vote and apply for a position in the council.

As a member you also have the right to view our General Council Meeting Protocols. They can be accessed here

How can you influence the General Council?
•  Contact the Speaker or a member
•  Write a motion
•  Join the General Council



Cendré Kjörning Pfannenstill
+46 708 424 468

Jakob Bratthall Tideman
+46 721 502 299