Nominations for The General Council 2017-05-24

The nominated candidates for The General Council 2017-05-24 are

Project Leader of The Nominations Committee: Hugo Jansson

1 member of The Nominations Committee: Rebecka Olin

4 members of The Nominations Committee: Vacant

Project Leader of The Marketing Group: Ida Sundström

If you want to oppose, please contact before the 19th of May 23:59. The e-mail should include your resumé, cover letter and what position you want to oppose. More members will be elected to the Nominations Committee, but only one applicant have been nominated. This means that applying for the Nominations Committee to the Speaker does not mean you oppose Rebecka Olin, since there are more positions to fill.

The General Council will take place the 24th of May in EC3:211 starting at 5 pm. All members of LundaEkonomerna are welcome to attend. Bring student ID.