The Nominations Committee

What, When, How and Why?

Do you want to become the next leader of LundaEkonomerna?
This is how the process works!

Before the General Council

• First, the application opens. Information about the position can be found on, Facebook and posters. The application link is open for 2 weeks.
• If you are interested in a position, fill out the application link and attach a resumé and cover letter in English.
• The Nominations Committee will after this contact you and book an interview.
• You get to meet three members of the Nominations Committee for an approximately 30-45 minutes interview where you will be asked about yourself, your experiences and why you want the position you have applied for.
• After all the interviews are done, the committee consult internally and choose a nominee.

Important Note: The whole process is dealt with professional secrecy. If you do not want people to know you applied and did not get nominated they won’t.

At the General Council

• If you are not nominated you still have the chance to oppose the nomination. Remember! Our job is to nominate, not elect! You can still oppose to the General Council if you feel you are a suitable candidate for the position.
• In the General Council (regardless if you are nominated or if you oppose) you get to hold a 3 minute presentation about yourself and why the council should elect YOU. After your presentation the council question you for approximately 7 minutes. All this will be done in English.
• The General Council will then take a decision on whether you are elected or not.

That’s the process! Easy, right?

What happens after?

• If you are elected for the position, you will get all the necessary information by the Internal Relations Manager from the Board shortly after the election. You will be given a legacy report from your predecessor with a lot of helpful information regarding the position, the committee work and what to think of. You will also be a part of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna, together with the other 41 Project Leaders. This community functions as great source of personal development as well as support for you as a Project Leader. Lastly, every Project Leader has a contact person in the Board. If you need any advice in general or if you need help when recruiting your committee, this person will gladly help you!


The task of the Nominations Committee is to manage the recruitment processes of Positions of Trust (Collegial, Board and Nominations Committee positions) within LundaEkonomerna.

The committee consists of a Project Leader and five members. The committee interviews all applying and recommended candidates to Collegial and Board positions within LundaEkonomerna aswell as market the positions and keep in contact with candidates and provide them with necessary information.

The applicants for the different posts will all have the opportunity to book an interview with the Nominations Committee. All applicants will be invited to an interview.

Do not hesitate to contact the committee if you have any question or are curious about a particular post within LundaEkonomerna, or about the recruitment process and selection process of LundaEkonomerna!




Why should you apply for a collegial position?

Probably every student at LUSEM is here because they want a great education and experience what the student life truly means. However, there are some things you cannot learn in a classroom. By involving yourself in the union in a collegial position you get to develop your own leadership, learn new things and get to meet a lot of ambitious, awesome people as you go along. Having a collegial position means that you will be a part of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna together with the other ~40 collegials. This is just a bonus to the amount of fun you will have. It is hard to compromise every reason why you should apply in this compressed space so let’s just say this: take a leap of faith and try something new. Even just meeting us in the Nominations Committee for an interview is a great experience and practice for future interviews. Remember! No previous experiences within the union is required for collegial positions! You will have support from both the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna  as well as the contact person in the Board every committee has.


A word from our Project Leader

Hugo Jansson is the Project Leader of the Nominations Committee and together with the other five members he is a part of an important democratic process within LundaEkonomerna - nominating suitable candidates for the union's Positions of Trust. Click below to see if there are any open positions right now!

See available positions

Can you tell us about yourself that we can’t read in your resume?
Totally! Even though I exercise way too little nowadays, I’ve been doing sports during my entire life before my university studies. I am a former long jumper so if you give me a big sandbox and a flat space to run on, I can give you a 7,22m jump (at least I could back in the days). Even though I am only 25 years young, I act like an oldie in many ways – I like going up early in the morning, I prefer Sveriges Radio P1 if I turn on the radio and a structured manner of drinking coffee (once before lunch, once in the afternoon) is important. Another thing is that I tend to be a bit too serious sometimes. If you joke with me it might become awkward, since I don’t always understand the jokes. That’s me!

Why did you apply for the Nominations Committee?
I applied for the Nominations Committee for many reasons. I wanted to be involved in our union on an other level than I’ve been before. This committee really gives you a deeper insight and overview how our union functions, which I value. I also wanted to contribute to the union’s strive of having a fair and objective election process for the Positions of Trust within LundaEkonomerna. Lastly, I saw this as a great opportunity to get a firsthand experience with something I find really interesting and something I would like to work within in the future.

What’s your view on LundaEkonomerna as a student union?
It took me quite a while to understand the purpose of engaging in our union. In my third semester however, I decided to engage in Corporate Relations Committee and since then the union has been a big part of my life. I think that LundaEkonomerna is an extremely professional organization and a great platform for personal development as well as a way to meet and work with other ambitious people. The amount of opportunities LundaEkonomerna gives you are endless and you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the level of ambition from the students within our union. Talk about a great source of inspiration!

Great answers! You are hereby nominated to keep on being the Project Leader of the Nominations Committee!
Wow, that’s a relief. Thanks! Appreciate it!


Committee Members

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Hugo Jansson
Project Leader - Collegial


Rebecka Olin
Vice Project Leader


Annika Carlsson


Michelle Haveman


Maja Jonson


Oscar Lundquist