Our organisation

LundaEkonomerna is a strong network for you as a student. We monitor your education and influence LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management) through listening and making demands. The active members of LundaEkonomerna are the ones who push the union forward, create new projects and perform the work to make your student life better.

What is a union?

The main purpose of a student union is to monitor the education surveillance. By keeping close contact with the school at all different levels LundaEkonomerna speaks up for all of the students at LUSEM. Within the board the person in charge of the education surveillance is Vice President, contact him or her if you have any concerns regarding your education.
The mission of LundaEkonomerna is to help our members get the most out of their university experience. Due to that, the student union offers many different activities and career events.


All students at LUSEM are welcome to become a member of LundaEkonomerna. Since we work every day to make your student life better – you are the ones who decide what we do. Every april our members vote on whom will be a part of the General Council – which is our highest governing body.

The General Council

The General Council is the highest governing body of the student union. It consists of 21 members and 10 substitute members. These positions are held over a period of one year. All members of LundaEkonomerna have the right to vote, nominate and apply for a position in the General Council. The election is held during a two-week period in the spring. The General Council makes all the important decisions regarding education as well as the activities and future of LundaEkonomerna. The Council also approves the yearly budget and appoints the Board, the Collegials, the Nominations Committee and the student representatives for the different institutions where the student union is represented. Read more here.

Organisation chart


The Board

When the General Council is the highest governing body, you could say that the Board is the highest operating body of LundaEkonomerna. It’s the Boards’ task to make sure that the business runs smoothly. There are 6 full-time workers within the Board – the President, Vice President, Treasurer, the Corporate Relations Manager, the Communications Manager and the Internal Relations Manager. These work at Skånis 8-17 every weekday and have Office Hours between 10 and 12. During these hours you are welcome into the office to ask questions, buy merchandise or just to hang out. There are also 4 half-time workers in the Board – the Educational Affairs Manager, the Social Affairs Manager, the International Affairs Manager and the Corporate Sales Manager.

These 10 people write policies, propositions to the General Council, make sure that everything goes well in the committees and represent the union at different events. They have the overall responsibility of the student union and its economy, as well as taking strategic desicions. Read more here.

The Collegium

The Collegium consists of all the leaders of the committees & projects. They gather three or four times per semester together with the internal relations manager to exchange experiences and information, as well as to participate in different workshops and seminars.

Committees & Projects

Our committees and projects are one of the most important parts of LundaEkonomerna. Divided into the subgroups Social, Education & Career, they perform most of the ongoing work within the student union. They arrange events, educational surveillance, breakfast clubs, parties, trips, international weeks and career fairs. The list goes on and on. Here is where you usually start your career within the union, by participating in different committees until you find the one that suits you and your individual interests best. Read more here.

The Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for interviewing all applicants for Collegial positions, the Board and Speaker. They announce when you can apply for a position and then meet you for questions on who you are, what you would like to do with your project and so on. They then discuss who they think is best suited for the position and nominate that person. It’s then up to the General Council to actually elect the person. The nominations committee consists of one leader and 5 members. Read more here.

The Statue

Our whole organisation is lying against our statue, that regulates the structure and process of how we work and function. As a member you have the right to see the statue and you can find it here besides. Unfortunately this is only available in Swedish for the moment, since LundaEkonomerna is a Swedish organisation.


The Seniors Collegium

The Seniors Collegium functions as an advisory body to the Board, mostly regarding strategic questions, and meet a couple of times each semester.

It consists of two parts – seniors and juniors. Seniors are a number of people from the business world and the University, including our Inspector & Vice Inspector. Juniors are a number of former active members in LundaEkonomerna, often former Board members.

LundaEkonomerna Opinions Program

The opinions program is a collection of the unions opinions on various topics regarding education, study welfare, housing and other areas affecting our members.


Printing partner

LundaEkonomerna is collaborating with Marknadsbyrån as our printing partner. www.marknadsbyran.se/studenttryck