The Vieri Project

Our sole mission is to show the union's gratitude by thanking all the active members for their dedicated work for LundaEkonomerna

What we do

The work of the Vieri Project

The Vieri Project is responsible for all the internal events in LundaEkonomerna. The project’s most important mission is to thank the active members for all the time and effort they put in their work for the union. The committee plans future events, both big and small, to show the union’s gratitude towards the passion our active members show in their engagement for LundaEkonomerna. This is done by creating a social platform for active members where they can integrate between the three different legs. By giving the active members space to get creative, share ideas and knowledge with each other, new bonds and relationships can be formed – which is one of the goals with the Project.



If you want to know more about the committee or the work they perform, please feel free to contact one of the committee members!




To display the union's gratitude

For the active members also referred as LE-heroes

The fall of 2016 marks the second semester of The Vieri Project and the start of the projects first whole year of business. During the year the committee will plan and execute both small as well as big events for the active members in LundaEkonomerna. One concept that till be continued with from last semester, is the “Active Members Day”. This is a whole day of fun devoted to the unions active members. A day where they are given a chance to get to know new people also active in LundaEkonomerna and most importantly having a really great time in true LE-spirit. There will be held Active Members Days in the fall and in the spring. This fall we also took the event planning to new levels by introducing “Active Members Night”. A night of fun where all active members could meet again, after having the greatest time on Active Members Day. We danced, laughed and sang and enjoyed the life of being a LundaEkonom,





A word from our Project Leader!

Take a second to get to know our project leader Ellen Cardell, currently studying her fourth semester in Business. She is a devoted, energetic and an extremely happy person and loves to work with and for our union.

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I first came across The Vieri Project on my second semester when I became an active member of LundaEkonomerna. Little did I know the project was as new as it actually was, because everyone was already talking about it. Wondering and guessing what sort of event that would go down in order, and actually for, thanking them. I later also participated in one of these bigger events called Active Members Day and had a blast! So when the application for this years committee opened up, it didn’t take me a long time to send in mine. To then also be given the chance to lead the work myself, was something I took on with not a single doubt and with the biggest smile on my face.

Why I am here today as project leader for The Vieri Project, is not only due to me finding the concept being a great load of fun. But also, and more importantly, because I see it as something incredible brilliant and very important. The work every single member puts into their corresponding committee and therefore LundaEkonomerna, is a matter I have personal experience myself from. I am fully aware of the time, dedication, passion and love it requires and the fact that students want to do this and also do it ideally – is no other than amazing.

And it is because of this, that the existence of The Vieri Project is vital. Not because the active members demands or wishes it, but because they are worth it. I am therefore really proud to, together with my committee, actually being the ones making the big thanks. We are putting words into actions for our active members, or more accurate – heroes.


Members of The Vieri Project

Ellen Cardell
Project Leader - Collegial


Karin Funegård
Committee Member


Linda Strålman
Committee Member


Samuel Arnald
Committee Member