• Skånis office is closed friday morning

    The Board is gone from lunch Thursday (11/9) until lunch Friday (12/9) which means the office will be closed at Skånis. Skånis is open as usual from 8.00 Friday morning.
  • The recruiting has begun!

    Become active today!
  • Nominations and Winners at Astro 2014

    At 2014 year's Astro the following people were acknowledged for their achievements during the last year. The board would like to thank these people for doing more than we could ever expect from active members.
  • Skånis closed Thursday 29th of May

    As there is a public holiday, Skånis will be closed on Thursday.
  • Nominate active members for their achievements!

    This year's Astro Gala will be held on the 31st of May 2014. During the evening some of you LundaEkonomer will receive awards for your outstanding achievements and we need you help to nominate candidates.
  • Skånis closed during the Carnival

    Skånis will be closed during the Carnival (Friday until Sunday, 16-18/5) and will be open again on Monday. Enjoy the Carnival people!