Are you organized, creative and have an eye for details? Do you want to be part of the team creating the best parties for all our fellow LundaEkonomer?

Then we want YOU to be our next Vice Hovmästare to be Hovmästare! During events, the hovmästare’s responsibilities are to make sure the tables are set perfectly, manage the serving of the food and everything surrounding it. At your disposal you’ll have a number of heroes who will serve as your happy helpers and assist you the entire day and evening! Prior to events your role will be to manage the contact between the committee and the food suppliers, and assist the committee planning the event in every information they might need to plan the event with regards to the food.

During your first semester in Sexmästeriet you will have the position of Vice Hovmästare and work closely with the Hovmästare to learn everything necessary. In you second semester as part of the committee you will assume the role of Hovmästare, meaning you will have more responsibilities and there will be a new Vice Hovmästare that you get to work closely with in order to teach them everything you have learnt.


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