Are you passionate about your education? Do you want to be the voice of the students? Do you want to improve the education and make real change that will affect the students of LUSEM? Well, now you have your opportunity! The Education Committee is now recruiting new representatives for Autumn 2019!

The Education Committee consists of representatives from all the different departments at LUSEM and we are the bridge between the students and the school. The main objective for a student representative is to ensure that the students are represented in all decisions that concern the education, and by doing so will are able to make real improvement to the education quality.

Other than the education surveillance you will learn to plan, organize and host different kinds of events, for example Speak Up Days and Pandoras Box. You will also be part of the improvement of the wellbeing for all students at LUSEM, implementing better digital tools throughout the school, improve our international profile, and fight for every students equal rights!

The Committee

The Education Committee is one of the biggest committees within the Union. We organize events for our students to make their voices heard, and we continuously strive to improve the education. Being a part of the Education Committee gives you a real chance to influence your education, but also makes you an important brick stone in the main objective that is a Student Union. The Education Committee is the best way to make real change at the school and implement real improvement for all students at LUSEM, not just right now but also for the future generations of LundaEkonomer.

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Contact the next Project Leader of the Education Committee, Samuel Trönndal!