Do you want to arrange a wide variety of events while introducing our international students to their studies at LUSEM? As Project Leader of the Master Committee, you have a real chance to continue the Union’s internationalization work. 

The Master Committee is responsible for social activities and events that primarily addresses our international students and master students. For example they arranges the Master Welcome Week, after schools, sittnings at different nations and the Graduation Gala. They also ensure that our international students and master students are introduced to LundaEkonomerna and get a good impression of the school.


The position

As Project Leader, you will be in charge of all the committee’s work, ensuring that we reach out to all or students and that they feel welcome to all our events. You are also the contact person to the Board and other committees that you will collaborate with over the year.

You will be in charge of the recruitment process together with your vice and your contact person in the Board. You will also be a member of the Collegium, where all Project Leaders sits and discuss current topics within the Union. Therefore, you will get a lot of leadership- and recruitment experience, and a big network of friends and colleagues.

Get involved today  

The position will be from early autumn to late spring next year. You will be arranging one of LundaEkonomerna’s biggest sittnings in AF Borgen, the Graduation Gala, and you will probably have the best time of your life. Getting to work with your committee and the rest of our Union’s amazing members while enjoying all of our Union’s fantastic events. So if you have not decided yet, get in contact with the current project leader, Emma Stanley, or talk to the Board during our office hours.

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Questions about the process?

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