Do you want to a part of the Union’s development and ongoing work? The Educational Affairs Manager is a central position within the Board of the Union, working with educational surveillance and our members well-being. 

To be a Board Member of LundaEkonomerna you need to have a good understanding and strong commitment to the union, since it is the Board who determines the strategic direction and future outlook of LundaEkonomerna. You have to be proactive and take initiative to further develop the union and to keep LundaEkonomerna moving forward. You will be representing the union as one of its ambassadors, therefore it is important to be social, outgoing and to be helpful to everyone.


The position

The Educational Affairs Manager is a part-time position which means that you on average work 25 hours per week with the union. You can arrange your work in flexible manner but peaks will occur during weeks with a lot of union activity. One of the biggest challenges as a part-time board member is to combine your studies and your work with the union, which makes it imperative that you can multi-task and plan your time. As a part-time board member you are fairly autonomous and have to manage projects and responsibilities independently. You do not have set work hours, which make it crucial that you are able to take own initiatives and work efficiently.


The Educational Affairs Manager works closely with the Vice President to improve the education and the study social environment for the students. As Educational Affairs manager you will be responsible for the student welfare work and education surveillance on faculty level. As Educational Affairs manager you are the contact person to the Education Committee and coordinate the educational surveillance at LUSEM. This includes a daily contact with the Education Committee, the faculty, staff at LUSEM as well as other student unions. The Educational Affairs Manager represent LundaEkonomerna and the students in several decision-making bodies at LUSEM.

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