About being a Event Coordinator

Are you a person that loves creating, planning and seeing things through? Do you want to make events that teach both active and non-active members of Lundaekonomerna about marketing and what it is?

The Marketing Group helps all other committees with their marketing, mostly regarding content creating. This can be graphic design, movie creating or photographing committee members or their events.

Does this feel like you? Do you want to improve your event planning skills and create fun memories for members of your Student Union?
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About the Marketing Group

The most creative committee of LundaEkonomerna consisting of aspiring professionals in the marketing field, delivering marketing services to all committees within the union and to the student body itself. The Marketing Group produces graphic material and photography assistance. We work daily on how LundaEkonomerna is presented externally as well as internally. By actively communicating with the other committees, we are able to find the best ways to reach out to the students of LUSEM about all the events going on in our student union.

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Contact Sander Svenungsson, Project leader for Marketing Group at mg@lundaekonomerna.se