About being a Marketing & Staff Coordinator

Do you have a passion for marketing, content, and layout? Also a talent for bringing people together? As a marketing- and staff coordinator of the Vieri project there is room for you to do exactly this!

The Vieri Project is a project with the mission of thanking all the active members of Lundaekonomerna student union and creating a platform where one could share ideas, knowledge and form new relations across committees. As responsible for marketing and communications, you will create a vital link between the Vieri Project and the active members. Graphic design, social media and film making will be in your hands! With close collaboration with the rest of the committee, this will allow us to communicate our messages, appreciation, and values to the active members, who are the guests of our events.

A lot of the events and activities the Vieri project creates are too big for the committee to handle itself, which is why The Vieri Project recruits staffers, the Vieri Angels, to help. This position involves a lot of work with people, we’re therefore looking for a sociable person with a genuine interest in people. As a marketing and staff coordinator of The Vieri Project, this is also where you come in!

The position can at times require fast-paced work and decision making, it is therefore important that you are structured with a high sense of responsibility. And since the committee is small, teamwork skills are essential- there will be a lot of working closely together!

If you want to be the one creating unforgettable experiences for the most grateful crowd- the active members of Lundaekonomerna- join the most thankful committee of the Union!

About the Vieriet

The Vieri Project is responsible for all the internal events in LundaEkonomerna. The committee plans future events, both big and small, to show the union’s gratitude towards the passion our active members show in their engagement for LundaEkonomerna. This is done by creating a social platform for active members where they can integrate between the three different legs.

Apply now.


Contact Felicia Cederberg, project leader for the Vieri Project at vieriet@lundaekonomerna.se