About being a Vice Project Leader

Are you outgoing, good at planning and want to be in charge of welcoming the new bachelor students to LUSEM? In that case, wait no more! The Novice Week of Fall ’19 might be over, but we are now looking for the next Vice Project Leader to-be Project Leader of the Novice Committee!

In the beginning of every semester, new students are introduced to LUSEM and to Lund through a week full of fun activities and festivities. The highly appreciated Novice Week is organized by the Novice Committee, consisting of 12 members. As a Project Leader of this committee, you are responsible for the ongoing work towards the coming Novice Week and Novice Party. You will work tightly within the group and be a supportive figure in the committee members work. You have an overall responsible for the organizing, budget planning and activities connected to the committee’s work. The workload is steady throughout the semester, obviously with its peak around and during the actual week when the workload is high. Besides planning the week, you will be a part of choosing new committee members as well as the new “fadders”. The commitment is on a one-year basis. You will start as the Vice Project Leader and work beside the current Project Leader for one semester, before taking on the role as the Project Leader for the Novice Week of Fall ’20.

You will have the chance to work closely with a group of dedicated students, improve your leadership skills and eventually be in charge of welcoming hundreds of new students to LUSEM. Sounds like the best thing ever? Apply now!

As a Project Leader, you will also become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna, where you together will the other Project Leaders will be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and also have the opportunity to impact the Union as a whole.

About the Novice Committee

The Novice Committee is resonsible for arranging the Novice Week that takes place in Lund between Monday until Saturday the week before the autumn or spring semester starts. It is an intensive week for all new students to LUSEM. It’s filled with a great variety of activites, all of them focusing on the students getting to know as many of their new class mates as possible, and of course having a whole lot of fun!

Apply now.


Contact Oskar in the Nominations Committee at nominations@lundaekonomerna.se