The Corporate Challenge is a unique and active career fair held on the 10th of October along with 9 companies. Each company has a team consisting of 2 company representatives and 10 students, who are going to compete in challenging activities that will put your mind and body at test throughout the day. The main idea behind the concept is that instead of having a perhaps somewhat stiff interview, you get to know the company and vice-versa by showing who you are in fun, competitive and demanding situations you otherwise wouldn’t be in. The day will be long and filled with laughter, and to end it all of we are going to round off the night at the famous T-Bar with a banquet and a party until late!

Due to a restricted number of spots, we unfortunately can’t guarantee every applicant a spot on the Corporate Challenge. But each company is looking for different sorts of students, so make sure you apply even if you haven’t studied for a long time or haven’t attended any events held by Lundaekonomerna before!

And as previously stated, we are also looking for staffers. This is the best way to get to know a lot of great people, have loads of fun and attend both the afterparty at T-Bar and a special surprise a couple of weeks later. And of course you also get a chance to meet the company representatives and get to know the companies better.



Thursday, 10th of October

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