Do you want to be part of creating a unique active career fair? Are you driven, organized and want to develop your leadership skills? Are you interested in working with companies and making connections for the future? Corporate Challenge is now recruiting a new Vice Project Leader and that could be you!

About being a Vice Project Leader

Being the Vice Project Leader means that you are, together with the project leader, responsible for a committee of 8 members in total. You and the Project Leader will start off the work by recruiting the rest of the committee members and plan for the execution of the day. However, the main role for the Vice Project Leader is to be Head of Corporate Relations and, together with the Corporate Relations Coordinator of the committee, recruit the participating companies. Important characteristic features for this position is to be organized and be able to efficiently work with the committee towards a common goal.


As a Project Leader, you will become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna. In the Collegium you will together with the other Project Leaders be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and have the opportunity to impact the union as a whole.

About the Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge is an active career fair arranged in early fall where students are being matched with their dream-companies and during one day meet under more relaxed conditions. The day is filled with activities from early morning until late afternoon, ending with a banquet and after-party. Imagine a day where 10-14 participating companies and about 100 participating students meet and through interactive activities get to know each other. How awesome?


Does this sound like the most perfect opportunity? This is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

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