Are you creative and an innovative communicator? Are you a person with a creative mind and like to arrange events? Would you agree on that nothing beats a room full of smiling people, busy communicating and exchanging experiences?

About being a Member of the Alumni Project

As a member of Alumni HT19 and VT20, you’ll be in charge of both event planning and communication. This includes managing the social medias, creating content as well as look into new areas of communicating the happenings that are to be arranged of the Alumni Network in either Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm.

Your main focus will be to reach out to the Alumni Network, as well as inform and inspire active members within the union to attend a network of a lifetime with the main mission to create an open environment with possibilities to network and mingle. This is a great opportunity to be part of a project group working towards long-term goals as well as arranging networking possibilities.

We are looking for a person with a passion for connecting people and someone who is willing to put effort into communication and increase the awareness of the Alumni Network. The possibilities are endless and it’s only your creativity that set the limits. Ready to channel great communication and reach out to a large network? Apply today to ensure a greater future for LundaEkonomerna’s past and present!

About the Alumni Project

The Alumni Network live by the words; Once a LundaEkonom, always a LundaEkonom even after graduation, with the main mission to broaden the Alumni Network as well as arrange network events for former active members of LundaEkonomerna. Since the Alumni Project started only a couple of years ago, it is a great opportunity for you to implement new ideas as well as affect the kind of network you look forward to joining after ending your studies.

Apply now.


Do not hesitate to contact the Project Leader Sandra Skilberg at