Do you want to improve your education? Do you want to be the voice of your classmates? Do you want to make some new friends and get to attend a “Thank You-Sittning”?

About being a Student Agent

We, The Education Committee, are now recruiting Student Agents. As a Student Agent you are the voice of your fellow classmates concerning issues regarding your education. The only thing you need to do is attend two meetings; one meeting where you will meet all the other Student Agents (and get some more information about the mission), and another one where you will present yours, and your classmates’ opinions about the education. We will later bring forward your opinions to the respective institution.

In return for your commitment you will receive a “Thank You-Sittning” with all your fellow Student Agents.

Join us and Help us improve Your education and make new friends and memories in the process!

About the Education Committee

The committee consists of representatives for the Bachelor program, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Informatics, Business Law, Economic History, International Bachelor Program and International & Master. Each representative has a seat at the board of the department they represent and there they get the opportunity to discuss the perspectives of the students regarding the education. After these board meetings are held key elements of the discussions are brought up at the Education Committee’s own meetings. The purpose of the representatives is to ensure that students are a part of all important decisions that are made about their education.

Apply now.


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