About being a Fadder

Being a fadder during Novice Week VT20 means acting as mentors for the new students who starts their studies here at LUSEM.

A fadder group consists of four people of any combination of gender, age, level of study etc. The only thing you need to have in common is that you are all LundaEkonomer.

As a fadder your primary responsibility will be to make sure that the 20 novices that a novice group consists of gets the best welcome possible. To help you become the best fadders possible we in the Novice Committee invites you to two fadder educations and a kick-off together with the other fadders. As a fadder it´s free of charge to be a part of the Novice Week but you do pay for your own fadder outfits, food and drinks during the week.

The Novice Week VT20 will take place January 13th-17th and the application closes November 10th.

How to apply?

You apply in groups of four and all groups will be called for an audition lasting 15-20 minutes. During the audition you are meant to show a movie or a spex for 5-10 minutes, followed by an interview for another 10 minutes.

Apply now.


Contact Per, Project Leader of the Novice Committee at novischeriet@lundaekonomerna.se