Oh, so you thought that you would have to fight through the November darkness all by yourself, without an exciting event to attend for the master students? Well, you’re mistaken, because TOUR THE LUND is around the corner!!!

The Master Committee hereby invites you to partake in an exclusive BIKE PARTY dinner for the Master Students of LUSEM on November 15th!

So what exactly is the concept of a bike party?

You sign up in pairs of two and together you will be responsible for hosting and serving either an appetizer, main course, or dessert. We will provide you with detailed instructions on where you should be at which time. The two dishes that you will not be cooking, you will instead be served at another duos’ place. Therefore, each course means a new stop and new (soon to be) friends! At each stop, there are a total of 6 people (1 duo hosting and 2 guest duo’s), and there will be different combinations of duos for each course.

The time table will be as followed:

Appetizers: 18.00-19.00
Transport time: 19.00-19.30
Main Course: 19.30-20.45
Transport time: 20.45-21.15
Dessert: 21.15…

So, let’s break it down in details:

1. All transportation is done by bicycle, and we will put you in groups based on the submitted addresses to make it as convenient as possible for everyone. All addresses must be in LUND.

2. You must sign up in PAIRS but only ONE of you submits both of your names.

3. The food being served should cost somewhere around 50 SEK per person to make (300 SEK in total for the hosting duo since each course is cooked for 6 people).

4. Please note that registration is binding, so if you realize after signing up that you cannot attend, you are responsible for finding a stand-in to take your place!

5. After the final course, everyone will meet up to celebrate together at GÖTEBORGS NATION. Tickets to the after-party give you the right to skip the line until 23.00, and the link to purchasing these will also be posted on November 1st. The tickets to the after-party are limited, so remember to buy your ticket in addition to signing up for Tour De Lund.

6. Remember that you must be a member of LundaEkonomerna to attend this event. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact: communication.mc@lundaekonomerna.se

We can’t wait to see you all there!!

Happy cooking and biking,

/The Master Committee

Sign Up.