Are you a leader? Have a passion for accounting and want to improve that skill for your future career? Are you structured and have a thing for numbers? Then this is a golden opportunity for you!

About being a Vice Project Leader to be Project Leader

You will start as being Vice Project Leader for one semester, where you, together with the current Project Leader, will lead the operations and run the committee consisting of an additional 3 excited members As a project leader your overall goal is to make sure that the work of the committee runs efficiently and meet its goals. This means being responsible for educating the committee members, to coordinate meetings and also handle the current accounting but with more responsibility. You will have the opportunity to develop the committee in the direction you desire as well as challenge both yourself and the committee members to reach your ambitions.

Along with this you will get a broader understanding of the union as a whole as well as improve your accounting skills in the accounting program we use.

As a both Vice- and Project Leader, you will become a part of the Collegium
of LundaEkonomerna, where you have the opportunity to influence
LundaEkonomerna as a whole. The collegium consists of all the project
leaders of LundaEkonomerna’s committees and projects.

About the Treasury

The Treasury consists of 3 committee members and two project leaders and
their main function is to support the treasurer in his or her daily work, handling the day to day accounting of the union.

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