Can you feel that? The peaceful Christmas spirit lurking around the corner, impatiently waiting to sweep you away into the cozy world of candle lights, togetherness and beautiful Lucia songs.

And what’s that smell? We don’t know about you but we smell gingerbread cookies, warm “glögg” and a big boiling pot of Christmas joy!

Our warmest welcome to celebrate Lucia together with your fellow master students in the true Swedish way. We will start with a cosy dinner with a Lucia/Christmas theme, followed up by a legendary after-party that not even Santa Claus himself would miss. For questions about the exact historical connection between Lucia and Christmas, we kindly advice you to turn to our dear friend Google for detailed answers.

TIME: 19.00 sharp!
(The real “Lucia Day” is on December 13th, but we will start a bit earlier this year because why not)


Dark suit with a festive/Christmas touch!
Examples: Matching (or non-matching) suit, dress (cocktail or long), jumpsuit or similar. Try to stick to something that goes with the Lucia/Christmas vibe.

More information about the event and the ticket release will come here soon!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

Link to event.