Do you want to create something big? KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge (KICC) is the largest case competition in the world for business students. LundaEkonomerna is now looking for the Project Leader of 2020!

About being a Project Leader

The task of the Project Leader of KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge is to organize the local and national competition in close collaboration with KPMG. LundaEkonomernas Project Leader acts as a coordinator for the entire network of the Swedish KPMG Case Competition. The Project Leader also elect the four supporting members in the committee and work closely together with them for the case competition in mid-autumn ’20. Therefore, having overall responsibility for the committee’s work as well as providing the other participating schools with information will be key features during the preparation period of this spring and coming autumn. The position entails having a good organizational ability as well as motivating the committee members for the common goal. You are an outgoing person, willing to put in time and effort into creating a well-functioning and inspiring case competition. The workload during the event is high, but the planning with KPMG and the committee is relatively evenly spread throughout the period.

As a Project Leader, you will also become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna, where you together will the other Project Leaders will be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and also have the opportunity to impact the Union as a whole.

Are you enthusiastic about case solving and want to create your own committee to achieve great things with? Apply now to be a part of the journey!

About KICC

KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge started as a local competition in Lund in 1998. The year after, KICC became a national competition in Sweden and a couple of years later it became KPMG European Case Competition. Then the competition became worldwide and could entitle itself as the world’s largest case competition for business students. Today, the competition is back as a Swedish national competition and with the brand new name  KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge.

In the year 2014 there were over 16 000 participants around the world and about 100 students from 28 countries were qualified for the International Competition in Dubai. Sweden has during many years reached high rankings in the competition, and finally, in spring 2015 a Swedish team, Case Cowboys from Linköping University, won the International final.

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