Tandem Pong 2020

Spring is closing in on us and with that also the event of the year: Tandem 2020. It’s understandable if you’ve been sleepless with the tactics of how to, with only one chance, catch that Tandem ticket. We heard your concerns, and present to you your second chance (well first chance since this event comes before the ticket release but never mind, back to business): TANDEM PONG 2020.

This tournament will take place at Göteborg’s Nation on the 18th of March, with the possibility to buy
a discounted “förköp” together with your Tournament spot. And the PRIZE you’re wondering? TWO (!!!)
tickets to the Tandem Que. So find yourself a Tandem Pong partner and be prepared, cause the
sign-up link will be dropped here in the event at 16:00 on the 10th of March.

The official Tandem Pong rules will be provided by the Tandem Generals at the event.

Why: Because you have the opportunity to win 2 tickets to the Tandem Que!
Who: All LundaEkonomer are welcome to sign up! However, the tournament will fit 32 teams (64
When: 18th of March, 19:00 – 21:30
Where: Göteborgs Nation, Kajplats, Östra Mårtensgatan 15
Price: 70kr (participants), 100kr (participants + förköp)
Please note that after-party tickets must be picked up during the tournament.

The Social Committee

Link to event.