Do you want to coordinate the election of LundaEkonomernas highest decision-making body? Apply for the electoral commission! 

About the Electoral Commission 

To ensure LundaEkonomerna is a democratic organization, the representation of all members in important decisions is crucial. In LundaEkonomerna, this is done via The General Council, consisting of 31 members chosen by the members of LundaEkonomerna, much like a parliament being elected by the citizens of a country. The electoral commission’s main task is to coordinate the election of members of the General council and ensure its transparency and openness, to sustain the democratic foundation of the union.

About being a part of the Electoral Commission

The tasks may include working with visibility through the marketing of the election, working to make sure all members get the opportunity to vote or apply, a smooth transparent election process and helping people promote their candidacy.


For this, we are looking for one Project leader and four members. Please note that these positions are not active member positions.


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Contact Matilda, President of LundaEkonomerna at