Are you social? Do you want to contribute to our student life and everything that comes with it? Do you want to combine being part of fun activities with organizing and be part of a team? Well, don’t hesitate! The Social Committee is something for you!

About the position

We’re looking for 2 people to fill the positions of the Tandem Generals/ Event Coordinators and join the Social Committee crew! In the first six months, you will be responsible for events together with the other Event Coordinators and in the spring you will be one of the two Tandem Generals.

As a Tandem General, you will be in charge of LundaEkonomerna’s own team, and lead us towards the victory of Tandem 2021! Your tasks are to host the ticket release, a qualification round to see if the ticket holders are good for the spot, pre-events leading up to the race, and then, of course, you’ll be in charge of booking a bus and coordinating our bus and bicycles rides. During the race, you’ll have the main responsibility together with the Project Leaders and there are also Head Tandem Generals (with Lund University) who take the main responsibility (with deciding the route, stops, discos).

Need more information about what Tandem is all about? For more information in Swedish, check out the wiki page

Does this sound like the description of you, first be a part of creating events and then become one of the two Tandem Generals of 2021? Don’t hesitate to apply.

Apply below and don’t forget to attach your CV! We will see you at the interview!

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Contact Felix, Project Leader at