Are you good at communicating & like being part of discussions? Do you want to contribute to improving the education of yourself and your fellow students while improving your skills in moderating panel discussions, summarizing and presenting others thoughts? Are you interested in becoming engaged in one of LundaEkonomerna’s largest committees? Then being a Student Agent Coordinator is the role for you! 

About being a Student Agent Coordinator / Student Representative

As a Student Agent Coordinator you will be hosting meetings and leading discussions with our Student Agents. You will also be creating a report on your meetings and will be a part of bringing the students’ opinions forward to higher instances. Being open to other’s thoughts and ideas while also being able to lead discussions towards a certain goal are skills important in this role. 

About the Education Committee

The Education Committee’s main task is educational surveillance. Through the Speak Up Days, collaboration with student agents and by gathering opinions of our fellow students, we make sure that your voices are heard through department meetings with the school. Furthermore, we take care of any student issues you may have during your studies at LUSEM.

As an active member, you will be a part of the running work of the Education Committee while also planning and executing the work of the specific team in which you will be working. At the end of each semester we host our biggest event Speak Up Days where we make sure to gather as many of our fellow students’ opinions as possible! We also value spending time with each other and going on committee related events – it’s much more than just the committee work!

This fall we’re looking for student representatives for the Business Administration, Economics, International Business, Bachelor, Informatics, Statistics, Economic History and Masters institutions. Apart from International Business and Masters, there is no requirement that you study the program at which department you will be attending meetings. The purpose is to ensure that students are a part of all important decisions that are made about their education.

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