Being a part of the Novice Committee means being a part of the most dedicated and loving family in all of LUSEM! The committee is responsible for organizing the celebrated Novice Week!  Each committee member is obliged to participate and prepare for two Novice Week during their time in the committee, one at the beginning of spring VT21 and one in the autumn of HT21!

The committee consists of 13 members who all take on different roles during the week outside of the general responsibilities of the committee. These roles are assigned by the Project Leaders after the recruitment is done, as the committee will be changing roles between novice weeks. As such, you cannot apply for a specific role in this committee! However as a guideline of how to committee works, here are the roles are within the committee:

About the Committee

Social Activities Coordinators

The social activities coordinators are the backbone of the novice committee! They are the ones who prepare, organize and lead each one of the days during the Novice Week. This role consists of 4 committee members and each member has a responsibility to prepare a certain day during the novice week (except for one member who is in charge of both Monday and Friday). It is a fantastic role for anyone who enjoys organizing and hosting big events, as each member will have to coordinate with the committee and layout specific schedules and outlines for how the day will work and what needs to be prepared beforehand! A spark of creativity is definitely gonna go a long way in this role!

Marketing Coordinators

Out of all our positions, the marketing coordinators are the easiest to understand from the get-go! They are responsible for producing and posting all the marketing material for the committee. This includes making Instagram and Facebook posts, taking pictures before, during and after the novice week, coordinating with the marketing group within LUSEM and making the intro movie before the LE Party sittning. This role consists of two committee members, who both share the same responsibilities and will have to coordinate together so that all of our material is posted according to schedule. It is a great role for anyone who is detail-oriented, has a bit of a thing for social media and is comfortable with a camera and editing software!

Event Coordinators

Here is a fun duo! The event coordinators are in charge of the one large event on Friday of the Novice Week and the LE Party after the Novice Week. The Friday event are usually held at a venue on the spring semester and at skånis during the autumn, and LE Party will be held at AF-Borgen a month after the novice week’s conclusion. The event coordinators will have to coordinate with the committee, prepare all the necessary arrangements, book in entertainment and Toastmasters and communicate with the sexmästeri of LundaEkonomerna. This role consists of two committee members and is perfect for anyone who loves a good organizational challenge! You will be expected to have a lot of foresight in this position, and a knack for maintaining a lot of tasks at once!

Corporate Relations Coordinators

The “corp” of the Novice Committee is responsible for acquiring and maintaining business relations for the upcoming novice week. These businesses sponsor the week and are the reason the novices will receive all that “spons”. This role consists of two committee members and is vital for the committee’s ongoing work and expenses. This role is perfect for anyone confident in their business etiquette, likes networking and has a very outgoing personality!

Internal Relations Coordinator

The only role of the Novice Committee that consists of one member! The internal relations coordinator is responsible for all the internal events and planning before, during and after the week. They also take on the biggest responsibility regarding faddrar, educating them on our policies and making sure their needs are being taken care of. They are also completely in charge of both the kick-off for the committee and the faddrar. This role is perfect for anyone who is a real caretaker, who is very outgoing and has a calm exterior!

We are looking for 6 new members of our committee! There is no prior experience needed, just an excited candidate will go a long way! Please apply with the Podio link below!

Contact Jesper if you have any further questions

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