LundaEkonomerna’s primary news outlet is looking for three more members to join the committee. Being part of Nådiga Lundtan means being able to write articles about anyone and anything while partaking in a relaxed and friendly environment with lots of activities on the side of the writing. As we are also looking for a communications coordinator a person well versed, or with an interest in marketing is also needed!

About being a Reporter/Writer

As a reporter/writer for Lundtan, you’re doing the main job of the committee, which is to bring content and information to Lundaekonomerna. This can be through either article, videos, interviews, or podcasts. As a writer, you are expected to publish an article biweekly. As for videos, podcasts, and interviews – it’s hard to say as the scale can differ greatly. This position is, however a position of versatility and freedom as a reporter can write about, or report on almost anything. It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to express yourself, and at the same time be active in the union!

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