Hey all LundaEkonomerna and welcome to this years Visboken Dinner Edition – LE GAMESHOW.

This is the game where we make the average competitor a star. This is the evening where it is your time to shine. This is the game you don’t want to miss, so be sure you’ve got your game face on.

The 31th of October it’s finally time for AF Borgen to open up their doors for LundaEkonomerna, and its competitors. With the help of our sacred Visboken, it is time to show the true game competitors of LundaEkonomerna.

You will be seated in a group of 12 people, decided in advance. This will also be the group you enter and exit with. 

If you feel any sort of symptoms prior to the dinner, we will of course refund your ticket. Just contact us at su@lundaekonomerna.se

We’re working hard to create a safe event so that you can enjoy the Dinner and your company. The safety measures revolve around maintaining social distance and keeping interactions within the assigned groups. 



When: Saturday the 31st of October.

Where: AF Borgen, Stora Salen

Dress code: Dark suit, game show edition

Price: 450 SEK


If you get a ticket, the information will be sent out in advance about timing and table seating. You will be assigned a time slot for when you are to arrive, with the earliest time slot being around 17:00.

Don’t forget to bring your Songbook, since we will not provide you with a song booklet! If you don’t have one, you will be able to buy one when you arrive at the dinner. Please note that this event is exclusively for members of LundaEkonomerna. You can only buy one ticket per person. If you buy more than one ticket, you will be refunded.

Lots of love,

the Social Committee

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Contact Felix Ellqvist at su@lundaekonomerna.se