Do you have a passion for educational matters and want to be in charge of one of the main links between the school and the students? Are you structured, organized, and want to develop your leadership skills? Well, look no further! Become the next Project Leader of one of the biggest committees in LundaEkonomerna – The Education Committee!

The commitment is on a one-year basis, where you will start as the Vice Project Leader for the first semester, and then become the Project Leader at the second semester. As the Vice Project Leader to be Project Leader of the Education Committee, you will lead a committee consisting of in total 17 members where the main focus is educational surveillance and improvement of the education at LUSEM.

Your main responsibilities will be to coordinate the members of the committee and ensuring that the ongoing work is running smoothly. You will organize and lead the meetings held with the committee and assemble the information the representatives get from their meetings. Furthermore, you will be a part of the yearly Speak Up Days: the Education Committee’s biggest project where all students get the chance to speak up about their education. As the Project Leader you should be good at planning and organizing. In addition, you should be good at communicating with different types of people since you have continuous contact with both you committee, students and the school. The workload is rather steady throughout the year, but have its peak at the beginning of the autumn semester when all the new committee members are elected. It’s a position that requires a lot of responsibility but in return you will get a whole new overview of the education at LUSEM.

Imagine in a year to have contributed to the improvement of the education at LUSEM, developed your leadership skills AND found a whole bunch of new friends. Well, imagine no more! The Education Committee is waiting for you.

This position is vacant, apply directly through the General Council by mailing


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