Do you want the opportunity to get an experienced mentor to help and guide you, along with an amazing network? Do you want personal guidance along with your studies? Then apply to become a WILMA-adept! 

WILMA is a mentorship program that aims to help students to receive more personalized guidance regarding their future, as well as the opportunity to expand their own network. We do this by pairing students with a mentor, someone that you can meet a few times each semester and receive support regarding your future career, valuable reflections, and discussion that can lead to personal development, take part in your mentor’s experience, and get inspired to accomplish your own dreams. WILMA also hosts events each semester, some of which are exclusive to the WILMA-network, where you can meet other adepts and mentors and be able to expand your own network.

Every mentor we have is matched with either one or two adepts. The matching is done from who you are as a person, what your career-interests are as well as what you are looking for in the program. This program usually lasts over two semesters, but if you have an exchange coming up or if you graduate there is a possibility to take part for only one semester as well.

Don’t let go of this amazing opportunity for yourself and your future career. 

Apply no later than the 31st of January!

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